Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter.97.3KG..New Record!!

I am home in Hobart at last , greeted by Noddy our pet rabbit, having
"Waddled" my way through airports and planes. I feel very self conscious for
some reason! I hit the scales at 97.3 kg. tonight, an all time record for
me. Before I left my China apartment in Doumen, I had a big breakfast of
Dumplings, ate plenty of cheese and crackers, big pork chop for lunch. At
the Zhuhai ferry terminal, tucked into two pieces of KFC, Chips and two Egg
Tarts..then at the Hong Kong Airport , Sweet and Sour Pork, rice, short soup
and about an hour or so later, before getting onto the plane , I polished
off three BIG tubs of Jellied fruit I had carried from Doumen..Only had
plane Food on Qantas which was good, then straight into the Sydney Qantas
club lounge for a four hour wait to connect to Hobart. Problem is, food and
drinks are all free why not!!, Pea and ham soup, cheese and
crackers, chocolate cake, Banana cake, slipped in some healthy noodle
salads??, by mistake..lots of juice and a few chocolate biscuits. Arrived
home and Margie had an apricot chicken, slow backed in the oven in Apricot why not!! They are little ships biscuits on Talisker Bounty
Boat?..but wait to you see the new me in Tonga with my shirt off?? Margie
thinks Dave is "little Britain" from the TV series and now she is calling me
"Little BUDDHA!"

Now I am into the crew applications..we are looking good!! Plenty to do as
the clock never stops!! Did I mention the Easter eggs?? They taste really


Dan near Toronto said...

Don...I'm surprised Qantas didn't charge for extra 'baggage'

Anonymous said...

Now Don, that transition to TBB food is going to be a tough one. ;)
Best of luck with the crew selection and other arrangements.
Take care and enjoy,
L.G., Seattle, USA

Anonymous said...

Wow it must suck to be your stomach right now!!! All that food, and particulary the combinations - 'cheese and cracker, chocolate cake, banana cake.............dumplings, pork chops, KFC........just about had me heaving reading about it!!!! LOL You'll have to make sure you position yourself in the middle of TBB so you don't make her roll over!! :-) Seriously though all the best - hope your planning is happening without too many hiccups. Getting very close to startline now. Best wishes. Mary-Jane

Anonymous said...

Rabbit crossed shitsue! Coool!