Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Talisker Bounty Boat Letter will take some Licking!

It would be really neat to not have technology sometimes..write a letter slowly , lick a stamp, walk to the post office, then wait in anticipation for the reply...but no..we live in a world where instant gratification is the expectation, so I was rightly annoyed when the generator went down for four hours tonight , loosing my big email in that instant and not being able to finish off all the other things I needed to do.! back on now so Blogging.

I did get to read the previous blog from Chris and Dave feeling slightly envious at their ability to relax there minds enough to write like that..I enjoy reading them...This crew is like a fruit salad!! and I am very happy about that and my decision to bring Chris. He is a breath of fresh air and truly has what it takes. Unlike theirs my mind is absolutely full trying to keep things happening. Quilter has taken over the boat preparation totally a HUGE relief.

The support boat is now about ready to accept us and Talisker Bounty boat is just about ready for sea! None of my gear is packed of course . it is all over my room!..Still chasing some last minute satellite issues but the tracking system is now operational so you will start to see TBB on the move on the Google earth map.

Dave Sherring our web builder has the new web site up and in a few days you will be able to get our regular Audio Blogs...real live updates from on the spot for those who can't read or just want to hear the wind in the back ground..could be interesting in a blow!.

Our Life jackets arrive tomorrow from New Zealand so we are just about out of here..BUT!!!.. there is a storm headed our way...if you get onto and look at the animated forecast for Tonga you will see that on monday there is a forcast 45kt blow right on top of us...I now have to think of options as we would be hold up in an anchorage with potential hazards around.?? Quilter and I will watch that closely..

The support crew made up our limited edition letters today..we will have 49 onboard, all with special Mutiny/Bounty/Bligh stamps on them. They will be numbered , one for each day of the voyage and then a hand drawn then hand coloured sketch of the TBB done on each..we are post marking the stamps here in Tonga for the start ..then in Kupang at the finish. They will carry the official expedition stamp and be sealed with a replica wax seal of Bligh's personal seal. All the crew will sign each envelope. We will then auction them off for SIF. We are also carrying some other very special items onboard that we will tell you about later...they will make the ultimate treasure from this trip and will be auctioned at the end of the voyage I like Letters!..especially Talisker Bounty Boat letters carried on this voyage!..I truely hope you do too..more on this latter.

After that great official Tonga send off it does feel strange still sitting here, but this expedition is all about minimising risk , so we will watch the weather and "do what it takes!" ..Don


Anonymous said...

If the crew is likened to a "Fruit Salad" it does not necessary follow that the Skipper is Likened to a "Fruit Cake"??

Patron of Sheffield Institute Foundation said...

It's Great to see the position of the Talisker Bounty Boat for the first time on the map, it's making my hair stand on it's end.

2010-04-21 03:19:50 UTC
175° 15.4' W 21° 3.3' S
Cheers Stuart

robiyah said...

I will be following your voyage with some interest. I was born in the same town as John Fryer, the sailing master and navigator of the Bounty and have visited his grave in the church grounds. I also spent time working in the Arafura Sea, through which you must pass on your way to Timor, and during that time I often imagined how Fryer and the rest of the crew must have felt.
I now visit Wells-next-the-Sea, where we were born, once a year and each time I wonder how Fryer felt on his first glimpse of the town after all the time he was away and all the suffering that he went through.
I will be following your progress with interest and wish you good luck for the adventure ahead of you.

Anonymous said...

Confusing now there are two Davids.

Can you indicate difference by David P and David W?


dave said...

Great to have met all of you last week on the island, and to be there for a short time in your final days of preperation before you sail. Don, amazing the number of hicups you faced daily, and managed to have them sorted by teatime, only to be greeted by a whole new set of problems at breakfast the next morning, will follow the blogs with interest, and position.
hey chris hope you have the sunblock packed

all best
from raglan nz