Saturday, April 24, 2010

Big Mama

Hi Its Quilter here. (Dave Pryce actually but as the second Dave I have assumed my name from the first expedition I took with Ted (Don), sailing to Antarctica.

Tonight finds us anchored with the mighty support yacht Ianthe off Pangaimotu Island under a half moon that is illuminating our little piece of paradise. Dave is responsible for food and so this afternoon, faced with the prospect of cooking, spotted a grass hut at the end of the beach. He asked Big Mama on the beach whether it was a restaurant, what was on the dinner menu and most importantly whether she took VISA card. In a flash he had dinner sorted and as the sun sank into the sea we moved into Big Mama's Yacht Club where a small group of locals were seated around a TV set watching snowboarding. The contradictions of Tonga.

Its been a great day. We have only made a few miles today but we are out of port of Nukualofa and heading in the right direction. I slept on board last night in the sheepskins which was great and we have all now moved aboard and nested in the Bounty Boat. Nesting is so important with our pared down essential items in such a small space. Knowing where everything is stored and ensuring its all attached with lanyards has been the priority today.

We are off to Falifisia Island tomorrow which is about 35 miles up the chain, so will set off at first light. Falifisia is one of the most beautiful islands, so standby for some stunning pictures tomorrow.

Thinking of you all as I tuck into my bunk and send you warm tropical trade wind breezes.

Have fun and see you next Friday



RLN said...

Quilter ... It was hard to locate Pangaimoto island, but I did it in 20 minutes. However a Google search of Falifisia Island only turned up your reference. I imagine a sailor could get lost in all those islands. Don't lose your map!

Sib said...

Nice work Dave W on bringing the bacon to the table. :)

I looked out beyond the headlands this morning and was relieved to see you guys had finally set sail. I know you were all just wanting to get started.

Best of luck! Look forward to seeing all your pics!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for identifying the two Davids.

All the best in your adventure and will be following your progress each day.