Friday, April 9, 2010

It Begins for Dave!

Has a week passed already? Departure imminent, today actually…. My last night in the comfort of my own bed, I confess to running a very deep hot radox bath and savoring every moment of relaxation, I am certain I will be visualizing those candle lit moments for days to come… There has been so much going on, interviews with Sarah Passmore at RTHK Radio 3, she was very kind to me and having listened I realized I must have been nervous making silly mistakes such as referring to Timor as an ex Portuguese colony, when in actual fact it was east Timor that was ruled by Portugal not West… Sorry… For the full interview visit

Interviews with varying publications and I also managed to squeeze a necessary business trip to Singapore and Jakarta last week, under my arm remained a rolled up navigation chart of the journey, this has become quite a companion. I went about my business whilst sharing with my associates the journey ahead. I had the pleasure of spending and evening at the Changi Yacht Club in Singapore, in the company of Scott and friends whom offered to very useful tips to help me on the way. Thank you!

Arising the next morning at 4am to start at the office and then to Jakarta in the afternoon to spend some time with Holin as I won’t see her now until after the expedition. I remain grateful for her positive support, it continues to make such a difference.

Upon boarding my return flight to Hong Kong, I was upgraded so looking forward to some rest, what a pleasant surprise, sitting back in my recliner and opening the South China Morning Post to see the a well written and balanced article by John Carney. So Talisker Bounty Boat is attracting media attention in Asia!

I arrived back home weary at 11pm to the welcome greeting of Max my dog, there really is no place like home.

At 7am the next day Stu Kershaw our documentary filmmaker arrived from the UK, so were busy over the next few days while he filmed and interviewed me around Hong Kong. I took him to experience some of Hong Kong’s wilder side in Wanchai, I hope he didn’t film to much… He suffered a lot from jet lag, claiming power naps very frequently..

NEW CREW!! Its an interesting twist with two new crew onboard, and along with any apprehension I feel positively assured at Don’s selection process and very much look forward to working with the new team. When we arrive in Sydney we will have to get to know each other very quickly and this will be fun. As I said before, it is a great shame that Mike and Pete are not coming, but I strongly believe you never know the person until you have sailed with them, often a very different person emerges at sea and therefore there is little difference in the crew change as none of the previous crew had completed any long haul sailing together, it was always an unknown factor. I am also VERY grateful for Pete offering to come to Tonga in support prior to our departure. I hope the new crew will also have the personal courage to talk more openly with regard how we personally deal with our fears and anger, two emotions we most certainly will experience in large quantities. With self awareness and communication we can create a stronger team and support each other throughout the difficult times, of which I am certain there will be many!!. I have no doubt, to understand my own emotions, manage them but not bathe in them, will enable me to aspire, grow and provide positive support for my teammates as we participate in the collective expedition and personal journey ahead. For David, it is truly an exciting prospect, a personal journey of courage and discovery.

As I leave home, say goodbye to Max for the office, one final check before heading for the airport, I confess, I feel sick… Nothing I have eaten, pure nerves…

I have left my home and Max the dog care to Listya, my superb home help and organizer, I am so grateful for her help and support, I seem to leave a trail of things I selected to pack then threw them down as I remembered how little we are permitted to take. And yes I have cut the handle of my toothbrush…



Anonymous said...

Brilliant Blog,
I'm getting nervous now? for you all.

Patron of SIF"The Kentucky Kid" said...

I have Just Listened to Dave's amazing interview,
If you can listen to it all, it is tremendous, breathtaking and it say's how he presently now honestly feels about all the aspects of The Talisker Bounty Boat Expedition 2010, including trying to raise the money to find the cure for those horrible neurological diseases like MND( Lou Gerig's) Alzheimer and Parkinson's
What a Guy-
What a Crew-
What a Cause-
Thank you Crew
Cheers Stuart

Anonymous said...

I am a direct descendant of midshipman Edward Young of the HMS Bounty and currently live in the Kingdom of Tonga. I wish you all the best on this incredible voyage and will be watching your journey with great interest.

Anonymous said...

Less a comment and more a question. During the radio interview with David the press launch in Sydney was mentioned but the date was not clear. Is the press launch open to the public? I'm sure may would wish to attend to show support and interest.

All the best, Zane.

Anonymous said...

Great Post Dave and understand your nervousness but you have a couple of long time, experienced Sailors on board so that is a big positive. Sure the risk management has been thoroughly researched. I don't know if anyone else has picked up on this yet, but after reading the Resources section of this website you will see that they are each allowed a can of Baked Beans for breakfast..........Hmmmmmmmmmm and then to find out the stew is going to be made of 3 cabbages......hmmmmm it begs the question?? Will there be toooo much wind in their sales??!! It doesn't really bear thinking about!! Might that make TBB go way too fast!! lol MJ from Brisbane.

Anonymous said...

An excerpt from Captain Bligh's old fashioned 'blog' on the day of the mutiny...

"I had scarce got a furlong on our way when I began to reflect on the vissitude of human affairs; but in the midst of all I felt an inward happyness and peculiar pleasure which prevented any depression of my Spirits. Conscious of my own integrity and anxious solicitude for the good of the service I was on. I found my mind most wonderfully supported and began to conceive hopes notwithstanding so heavy a calamity' to be able to account to my King and Country for my misfortune. "

Wishing you 'inward happyness' and looking forward to your own accounts on your return.
Your friends in Hong Kong