Sunday, April 11, 2010

Still no sat phone data link!!

Well another full day with last minute shopping, packing , sorting and trying to get the Iridium emails up?? midnight and at least with the help of Alex Edwards, our Training support back in Feb, we have both computers operational and data going out…but some things not quite right just yet…Margie has been frantic for the last few days on this and hopefully we will have a successful test tomorrow before getting on the Plane to Tonga. There is another local press conference organised for when we arrive and looks like a couple of full days…we do not get into Auckland till just after midnight and then have to book in again at 5.30am so looks like a sleep in the lounge tomorrow night…right now I just want to get out there…and get more sleep..I really have had enough food!! …Don  

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Toni McLean said...

Well, I'm impressed. I'd have checked into the nearest monastery or convent by now for respite care. All the preparations make the actual journey look easy by comparison!

Seems a tad ironic to me that all the modern technology you're taking will actually help to prove that you did the journey without the help of modern technology!?!

Good luck with the rest of the chores. I hope everything sorts itself out and then you can just get into your little boat, and sit back and relax! :-)