Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It's been action packed as ever. Last weekend I headed off down to Cornwall for a weekend away with two friends to see where one of them had been working for the last few months renovating a hotel. It was really interesting to see where he had been all this time and it was a good little adventure away from home.

On my return, Monday morning I was up bright and early to film with London Tonight for a piece the same evening which was very impressively pretty long. They had managed to get hold of some footage that was shot by the media of us sailing under the Sydney harbour bridge and the TaliskerBountyBoat looked superb. Very small, yes! but still great!

Tuesday brought about my 18th birthday which I'd been looking forward to a lot. I loved waking up and having a nice breakfast with the whole family. In the evening we went out for a really nice and relaxing meal at a local restaurant. It was just what I wanted to do. I missed my last birthday as I was in the middle of the southern ocean and really wanted to spend this one with just my family in a nice chilled out way.

Wednesday I was picked up once again bright and early and was driven into London to do a whole load of radio interviews. The morning kicked off with Libby Purves' midweek show which was great fun as I got to have a good old chat with the other guests on her show too which was a real eye opener. After the show we went around to another BBC studio to do quite a few more radio shows down the line to other regional radio stations. I got home at around 4 and promptly fell asleep!

Thursday was the day of my book launch for 'Sailing the Dream' and I headed into Piccadilly to their Hatchards book store to do a signing there which was loads of fun I have to say, I've been constantly impressed time and time again at how good and professional my publishers are and a huge amount of credit for the successful launch of the book has got to go to them!

Yesterday morning I was off to start off a sport relief fun run at one of the local schools around here which was tonnes of fun. They were raising money for sport relief and I'm looking forward to hearing about how much was raised once they've tallied it all up.

Well that's my week really. It's been very busy and chaotic at times but I wouldn't change a bit.

Also I read with envy, how the other crew members are putting on lots of weight. I'm trying my hardest but haven't managed to put any on which is more than frustrating.





magpie said...

Hi Mike, Keep the puns coming. Libby Purves "her show...was a real eye opener". Hilarious.
Cya ☺☺☺.

Tim Stackpool said...

Congratulations Mike, on the book...and your birthday!

Tray (The Expert) said...

The book showed up here in the States today, after being ordered 19th March. Now I can't get a bloody thing done around here, I'm engrossed.

Excellent work, Mike!

Tray M.

RichieParis said...

Hi and happy Birthday, belated, Mike!
I could order your book from WH Smith's and as I received it this morning, it is on my reading plan for Monday night. I am confident that it will be thrilling and funny. Your english stay will have been busy!
Good flight back "down under"!