Friday, March 5, 2010

Back to the Future!

Our McMurdo Fast Find 406 GPS PLB's arrived a few days the one hand
I have my Octant, Technology of the day 221 years ago, While in the other,I
have a tiny PLB that will send out a distress signal to Rescue Co-ordination
Centres within a few minutes, giving your exact position and all our
details. Times have changed for sure, but we are treating this expedition
very seriously and hope never to have to use these PLB's. We do not see them
as an easy way out for when things go wrong. We are doing all the work now
to make sure things stay right!..but if we ever do get caught out, we have
to be able to look our rescuer in the eye and say with conviction, that we
had done everything to minimise risk and then importantly everything to
minimise the risk to any rescuer,tasked to assist us, by having the right
gear to make their job as easy as possible...that is my we have the best
user friendly PLB's. We will live with them 24/7

That fish bowl in the bottom left is actually a was the
communicators award I received back in the 1990 BOC challenge solo around
the world yacht race, when we used HF radio..!The model is of Capt. Cook's
Endeavour. Bligh was a navigating officer onboard his last voyage.

I fly out to China at 5am in the morning and will miss the Sea Shepherd
ships arriving in Hobart. They are returning from the Antarctic Whale Wars
with the Japanese. I was happy to be able to report the position of the
Japanese Whaling fleet to them in January when I came across them by chance.
It was not a good day for the Japanese. This enabled them to make contact.
Shortly after the ADY GILL the high speed protest vessel was cut in half and
sank! I was in Antarctica onboard ORION..see early Blogs. At the time I was
Sea Shepherd's new best friend, so it is great to see them all home safe
after a successful season..all my friends are going out to welcome them in.

Mike is going to Blog Tomorrow..stand by for some late breaking epic news!!
Well maybe??..could just be a weather report??


RichieParis said...

Nice blog, Don, thanks a lot.
I see you handle the preparation the best way. Minimising the risks for you and the possible rescuers, but doing everything to avoid any need of a rescue. There's no reason, except for an exceptional weather phenomenon, that it would turn other than right. The only negative point, very probably, is that your vessel will be less comfortable that Queen Mary or the late Normandie. I know, as they are not navigating any more, you had no choice! ;-)
Happy China! (be cautious, it breaks easily if you drop it).

magpie said...

Now don't go get any ideas and start chasing any of those naval ships in Bounty boat, lol.
Come to think of it a whale wouldn't be too welcome either, lol. Hoo Roo ☺☺☺

Toni McLean said...

Hi Don,
Having once owned a yacht built in 1924, I like the juxtaposition of the old and the new!

Good luck with the lead up. I look forward to following the journey.


RLBirchBay said...

Hey Don .., You look like the cat that got the cream.

Or like you're saying "do you want what's in my right hand or in my left hand? Since you mentioned the octant costs a small fortune, I'll go with the right hand.

William said...

So, there was an American, 2 Australians and a bloke from Hong Kong who went to re-enact the voyage of William Bligh!

I'll tell you the rest when you're home!

I've heard of these survival stories and even seen a few documentaries of the true stories. It's amazing what a man will do to survive and to keep the strong ones on his crew healthy to complete his voyage.

I hope that you don't need to use the extra gear on board that you must carry, or start eating those extra rations just so you guys can survive with out hurting anyone's feelings.

In most situations like this, where you know you may run out of food and actually starve to death, it has always shown and you guys should keep in mind that the youngest of the crew will be much more tenderer if you can prepare and marinate him properly.

Good luck Mike! lol

Take care you guys!


Anonymous said...

Hi Don; Any friend of Capt. Paul Watson is certainly a friend of mine! There is another Capt. Watson I know, but her first name doesn't come to mind. I have followed Capt. Watson and his exploits since his days as founding member of Greenpeace here in Vancouver. Although I don't know him personally, I think he is a great Canadian. I will certainly be following your new adventure with great interest. I think Jessica is the name of the other Captain. Just kidding. I have had my radar on her from the beginning of her voyage. Come to think of it, I should check up on her now. Cheers, Alfred, Vancouver, Canada