Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dave, not born yesterday!

 Since returning to Hong Kong, I am frequently asked WHY?  Why would you volunteer, and PAY to participate, in an open boat voyage with four strangers for 4000 miles, and no toilet paper! Some roll their eyes muttering about  “ midlife crisis” others look genuinely perplexed.  


My stock answer? Because, I cannot think of any reason Why NOT?   This is truthful if not a little simplistic and so in the comfort of my own bed, while the wind howled outside I last night reflected further and came up with the following conclusions


Firstly, I am happy to say, is not a midlife crisis! as I plan to live until 110 I am a long way of my midlife! I can report; for me, one of the many benefits of being over 45 is improved self awareness, less conceited than my 30’s… though more self aware, I like this, it is a gift that comes with growing, of age! This adventure is an important part of this journey; it enables me to learn about me, what defines me? Who the raw inner person is?  This upcoming experience of discomfort, isolation from my loved ones, food deprivation, cold, wet and likely on many occasions very miserable, all contribute to the discovery of my basic human instincts, and that of my fellow crew.  I hope I will approach this with playful curiosity, for the sake of my and others sanity, I accept I will emerge a different person, not better or worse, simply different, that is my adventure, that is the unknown outcome, for me, that is WHY?


 The dependency upon complete strangers, fellow crew mates to survive, the stripping away of self façades, emotionally naked and back to the basic human beings we all ultimately are.  To really learn to trust others, forced to remove rigidity in my perception of people,  to appreciate strengths, rather than the lazy pre-judging and stereotyping that comes with such ease in our day to day living.  Our lives will depend upon the decisions of each other and that will take trust and faith. Ages nationalities, cultures, achievements and previous losses will all mean nothing, our ability to survive will on the decisions made at that moment.


It is so terribly exciting, that is WHY and WHY on earth would I NOT embrace this opportunity and adventure…


More mundane… Exercise regime back in place, eating well and savouring every dish put before me... and getting very nervous…  Discovery Bay Management (where I live in Hong Kong) has kindly permitted us access to the Bounty, a replica of the original Bounty for a photo shoot to help raise awareness of the expedition here in HK.  Thank you for your support!!...DAVE




magpie said...

Hi Dave,
I started having mid-life crises when I was 33. That was 15 years ago and I've had 2 more. They're nothing to be worried about admitting to. Peter Fitzsimons (sports columnist for the SMH)is on his 4th I think and he's proudly, who knows why, wearing a red bandana, lol.

Let's face it, while sipping a Taliskers, you realised that Bligh was a big bugger and if he could survive the trip then you could.
☺☺☺ CYA ☺☺☺

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
I saw the roll-over video and wanted to know if you planned on some sort of rope mesh to hold the buoyancy bag on to the mast? Wouldn't it work better than just attaching it at the ends (so it won't pop off)? Just a thought.

L.G., Seattle, USA

worldwidewendy said...

Worth the wait.
Still think it MIGHT be a part of a a good way.......

johnboi said...

Good blog. interesting observations. I think it will be a good adventure for all. And as for it being a mid life crises, Im sure Mike would certainly disagree with that one! It wont be an easy challenge, but at the end of it you will probably end up with some very strong friendships for life, and you will have done something that no one else can say they have done.

Toni McLean said...

I suspect you could come up with a lot of reasons why not - they're just not strong enough to dissuade you from the challenge of learning more about yourself and stretching yourself as far as you can. i think some of us are more driven than others to do that, and those who do stretch themselves do so in various different ways.

Good luck with your chosen path. At least you won't die wondering!


Gareth Cook said...

Good luck to you Dave and the rest of the crew, I rather envy you and wish I had the physical strength to undertake such an adventure, try and enjoy it, sorry to hear about the medical scare, I hope you have made a full recovery, take care. Gareth ex Clearwater.