Thursday, March 25, 2010

Having one of those days!!!

Nigel Millard took this photo some time ago while we were sailing Talisker
Bounty Boat out the front of the Talisker Distillery on the Isle of Skye. It
was freezing and he kept telling me to throw more water over my face for the
"effect!"..that is what I have been doing today!! I started in front of the
computer at 6am and I am still here at 12pm so 18 hours of "Expeditioning"
and everyone thinks I have a lucky lifestyle...actually not complaining, but
it has it's Moments.

You may have noticed that Mike's Blog got up twice...I didn't, as I can't
see them..went to the Philippines on the weekend and had an email Blackout
with the marina wireless internet down, so as soon as I got all my emails on
Monday night (57)including Mikes blog I just pushed it up thinking it was
late..not knowing Stewart had already done that...yesterday was Pete and
today was supposed to be Dave...but I Know he is busy as we have had many
emails back and forward today just befgore I go and hide beneath the
doooona!..this shot is how I feel right now..time is flying //we will be
sailing the boat in a few weeks, I am plannigna final list writing session

The final count for video cameras going on the TBB is three Point of View
lipstick cameras with their own HD recorders, one professional JVC HD
handheld, a JVC waterproof consumer handicam, a HERO HD cam, and a Sony Prof
HD camera with Night shot..that is seven video cameras...can you believe

Off to bed..stand by for Daves Blog!! And did I mention it was Mikes
Birthday on the 18th..he is 18 now!! Yeha!!


magpie said...

Great effect I reckon.
Top shot that, red ensign and all.
Photographers don't miss (after a thousand goes).

Tim Stackpool said...

It's a terrific pic Don! Understated expression that is full of emotion. A real story.

Bob from Seattle said...

You lucky Sea-dog!!!...You are having such a GOOD life!!!!...It makes me want to REACH for more.....

You better make it....Bligh made it....and if you don't....????.......we'll..???.. you never know....

Anonymous said...

I just have to say that is a great photo. Nice crop.

L.G., Seattle, USA

Kissyfrott said...

Sure, great photo. Your look, the flag, the composition.

Anonymous said...

Channeling a bit of Sean Connery in that photo!