Monday, March 29, 2010

DAVE IS 100% Crew position still available!

 Goodness Gracious…  I don’t believe the speed that time is flying…  My children are leaving Hong Kong for the Easter break in the UK, tonight is the last time I will see them until I return after the expedition, sometime in mid June, I feel sad so will need to focus on the task at hand and preparation. 


Mike you are an inspiration to me, I often wonder where you found both the courage and emotionally maturity for your achievements to date, as a father, I hope my daughters will learn from your attitude to life and experiences.  On a personal basis, it’s a great shame I won’t get to share 50 days hungry, wet and miserable with you, I respect you for listening to your Dr’s advice and the decision you have made. Take care, get well and strong and I look forward to following your next adventure.


Pete, ayaaaaaaa….  I can only respect your decision to pull out, the risk is real, it would be foolhardy not to acknowledge this, the decision to participate or not is too personal for anyone else to comment and can only be received with respect. I hope to see you soon


For me? This has been a severe blow, I had thought through so many scenarios at sea and played the tape in my head, each team member fulfilling their natural role and using their strengths.  How will we deal with capsize?  What if we de-mast? Who has the physical strength and practical ability to jury rig a solution, what role will each of us play?  An accident, requiring medical treatment, Who is the likely back up for celestial navigation?. Each rehearsal projects in my minds eye played with a team member fulfilling a role.  Now, with 50% of the faces gone I feel a sense of panic washing across me…    Off course, this is all in my mind, the reality is always very different, my assumptions of  who will play what role, are just that, imaginary roles, people are very different at sea, you truly cannot assess how a person will behave at sea and what role they will naturally take.  For David, the only known factor, is how I behave, that is all I have any influence on, and that has not changed.   So reality, for me, I continue at my desk, preparing in terms of exercising daily, reading, studying the charts and preparing my mind as much as possible for the adventure ahead.



There are numerous practical matters to be addressed and I shall raise these with Don and the new team over the coming days.


For now!! I’m in 100% and the adventure has commenced…




johnboi said...

This is all happening a bit last minute isn't it. Hope more crew are found... i have asked my dad if he fancies going, father son trip for a few weeks :P Dont think he will agree to it though. Will keep an eye on the blog, good luck all!

Dan near Toronto said...

Dave..regardless of where this voyage takes us all, I want to say it has been a privilage to read each and everyone of your posts. Your insights and humanity come shining through every time. Your unique perspective on life is enlightning. Thank you sir.

PS go out and do some more 'shopping'. ;-)

Patron of SIF"The Kentucky Kid" said...

That's the Spirit, that moves mountains and sails the ocean's
Cheers Stuart