Friday, March 19, 2010


This is me tomorrow I hope..Of to Subic in the Philippines tonight, back to
China on Monday night. I have to check out my "other" boat will be
good to get off the keyboard for at least a couple of days. I have been busy
on ebay..managed to get some 200 year old wooden bowls, and some very old
Horn beakers to go with our new "NON Sailing clothing. I still do not get
the comments to the Blog in China and Stuart in the UK who is posting them
for me now, says there are a few interesting comments about not using
Musto..I asked him what are they saying..he said they think I am nuts!..I
told him they are realy getting to know me now..

So Mike will blog tomorrow, Stuart on Sunday and Pete on Monday...I just
love deligation!!

I just noticed my legs from the knees down all peeling from the tan I got in
Febuary. That is going to be a big issue. We all wondered how Pete was so
brown arriving in Sydney from the mioddle of the snow! He had been to a
solarium? I think we are going to be challenged to get an even, all over tan
as quick as possible once we get to Tonga. I am in Doumen at the moment
which is about 1 hour by car from Macau across from Hong Kong. It is not too
sunny at the moment with fog, polution and clouds, so I have to start my tan
again. One thing about China though, a Bounty Belly is considered a bit of
status..they think if you can afford to buy that much food to eat, you may
be worth knowing?

This will be the first and last holiday for a long time..and just so you
don't think it is all fun, yes I am taking the computor, just to check in!

Not long to go!! Don


Ken said...

Thanks for the update. Was very interested in the picture of "Ice".

Could you please give some details on her? What a beautiful practical vessel.

Thanks, Ken

Ken said...

Wow, didn't realize that ICE was your design. She is beautiful!

magpie said...

I second what Ken said.
Ta for the link mate,
hoo Roo☺

Anonymous said...

I think we're all a bit anxious for you guys to leave!

I think your nuts Don! A good man, but nuts!

Take care mate!


VyanDP said...

Oh! I wished I had known you would be in Subic! Would keep an eye out for "Ice" when I go to Subic Bay Yacht Club. Maybe its docked nearby? :) Your boat is beautiful! Good luck on your trip!