Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Come on all Ye Talisker Bounty Boat Beauties"

Why didn't I think of that?

What a good idea that Don had, opening it up to Lady Sailing Adventures, after Dear old Pete pulled out last week.
He has his reason's only known to him, it's just a pity that he left it this late in the day to inform Don.

However Don as always is resilient, and came up with this stroke of genius!
I wonder how it will effect the dress rule if it was slightly altered, to be advantageous of the Talisker Bounty Boat Expedition!
For example if the crew were allowed to wear Nylon Stockings it would be a dual purpose item, they could also use them for Fishing, is this where the term of "Fish Net Stockings" came from?
After all the many problems that Don has had in the organization of this expedition, he will be looking forward to setting sail and relaxing in 54 foot waves and the odd Hurricane!

Well the show must go on, and at the Southampton Boat Show last year there was one Lady who kept coming back insisting that she would be allowed to be a crew member, I hope she is following this blog now.

Don, tongue in cheek asked me last week when learning that Pete had just pulled out, "How I was fixed to Crew?"
Knowing full well that I am in such a bad shape physically that I have to have a Medical in order to visit my Local Pub, and that the shear weight of tablets that I would have to take with me for such a long voyage would put the free-board 40cm
under the water, not the 40cm above sea level that it is now when fully loaded with all the crews,supplies and equipment.

Bligh's boat had only 20cm of free-board when fully loaded. So Don's crew will be having it easy by comparison! They are so Lucky?

I would have liked to think that I would have had the courage (Bottle) to be part of the crew if I had been fit? Who know's? You only get to know ones self when you experience these situation's first hand. Talk can be very cheap!
I am in full admiration for Dave,Mike, Don and the final crew member whoever She is?.

The comments are really starting to come in now fast and furious now, especially this last week, (Please Keep it Up) but it is only a rumor that Professor Richard Beard one of The Sheffield Institute Foundations
original Patron's has volunteered his wife Irene to become a member of The Talisker Bounty Boat Beauties Crew.
Irene is the honorary secretary to S.I.F. although I am sure she would be the first to volunteer if she was well enough? ( She certainly has the Beauty).

She works very hard being the Hon Secretary of the foundation despite suffering Motor Nuerone Disease herself.

Well that's all for now folk's

Come on all
"Ye Beauties" join the "Beasts" on the Talisker Bounty Boat Expedition.

Stuart Keane.



magpie said...

Good luck,
I'm checking out for a few weeks but I hope to be back in time for your first day, and I do think you're dreaming if a woman would be mad enough to take on the quest. ♂♂♂ Hoo Roo ♂♂♂

Patron of Sheffield Institute Foundation said...

Some of the ladies I have known have definitely been mad! LOL (but don't tell the wife)

Bob from Seattle said...

It's unfortunate, Stuart, that you'll be missing out on the 54 foot waves, but I'm sure in this whole wide world there has to be many waiting in the wings that want to see if they can match Don's adventurous spirit. It would be interesting to know if Jessica is relieved or disappointed she will be arriving back at Sydney too late to join. :-)

Ken said...

It’s none of my business, but….there is something wrong with this picture. To me, the most important part of this re-enactment is to get to your destination Timor alive and healthy. Even though the original crew suffered horrendously, I don't think that the new trip should be a test of human endurance, to the detriment of making one sick or worse. The seaworthiness of the Tallisker and the navigational skills and pure luck should be foremost. As I understand it, the original trip had a crew of 19 MEN, and one was lost before the final destination. Unless you increase your crew, to all men, and sacrifice one enroute, the trip won't be a true re-enactment. So be it.
I believe that the crew of Tallisker should have some personal modern day creature comforts to stay healthy like a means to try and stay dry, decent food (and a daily tot of Pussers) and supplies for personal hygiene. No one will fault the skipper for allowing that, and will not detract from the spirit of the voyage. It may prevent further mutiny.
Any way you do it, I will follow with great anticipation. The skipper's word is final.

Anonymous said...

Good post Stu!

@ Don!

If it wasn't for the whole money thing I think I would have been at home on the Tallisker and a good crew member for that challenging Voyage.
As long as no bloke started playing with my leg or something when I'm sleeping. (Then there would be men over board for sure).

It would have been fun diving and spearing fish too! The storms would probably smash us to pieces and there's a good chance we wouldn't make it, but hey! what a ride and what a great cause!

I know you're not a stupid person Don! Assisting Jessica to go around the world on her own when she did! At least you got her out of your hair and she can't come with you now. Imagine that! You'd starve for sure with her fishing and her bad singing would drive everyone even more nuts. It'd be the voluntary mutiny from the mutiny boat and you can be sure she wouldn't bail out! (Good planning ahead mate)

Hey Don!

I hope Jessica owns her boat when she gets home. Ella's Pink Lady is a part of her and she has more than earned it! She's also the main reason I'm here and I'm supporting you! There's just been some talk about it on her site, that's all!

Cheers and take care you guys!