Sunday, March 14, 2010

What a Week for Don!!

Dear All,
Yes what a week for Don?
There he is stuck in China and can't moderate!( Is that Pain-full?) He very kindly asked if I would help,I did not hesitate to give it a go. I started about 4 hours ago and have just finished, I will get quicker with practice? especially when I learn to "reed and Sphelll?" Hopefully all the back comments have now been posted, apart from about seven that were not suitable for publication.
Earlier Don had the problem with the Talisker Bounty Boat regarding the shipping from NZ to Tonga. Which he got sorted.
Ever since I have known Don many problems have been thrown at him, Well I have never known anyone like him in a crisis situation,If it were me I would be Jumping up and down like a Flea on a Monkey's Back, cursing & swearing, pulling my hair out!
Not so with Don he is so calm cool & collective, and how he reacts to adversity reminds me of Rudyard Kipling's poem IF which starts:
"IF you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs, and blaming it on you,"
This is definately how Don reacts when things go wrong, He already is a Great Captain of the TBB, I would love to be with him on board from Tonga to Timor, but I failed the fitness test?
It's been a good week for SIF having received nearly £20k in off line donations, Thanks to all who have contributed, Please keep them coming in.
"Well that's all for now folks, I better cut it short or Captain Bligh will Keel Haul me for going on to long"
Cheers, and keep on commenting. Stuart


Roski said...

Great your on board and excited, mate. Thanks for the update information. Good to know Don's OK in China and the TBB is on her way to Tonga. Sounds like all system GO!

Anonymous said...

Your writing's fine Stu! Runs rings around mine!

Great that things are moving forward and donations are coming in! It's a great cause. (A sad one, but hopefully with a happy ending)!

Take care!