Friday, March 26, 2010


Well this was the Starvation weekend back in February when with not much
food and sleep ,the crew were all feeling a bit low. Shortly after this shot
Pete went down, Dave felt off and Mike was contemplating the next steak! It
was only days later that Pete started questioning everything.

Yesterday I had 98 emails in and 87 out, so another crazy day behind the
screen getting the word out about looking for new crew. The plan now is that
the doors are open and people are thinking about it.Have they got what it
takes? Can they afford it? Will they be able to face the reality of finding
out who they are for the very first time, will they regret it if they don't
do it?

We will have it all sorted by the International launch in Sydney on April
the 8th. We all then fly to Tonga to start final preps and what will be two
weeks of training before setting off. So now is your chance. You must be
committed though, as it will be tough. For your interest that makes 9 the
number of people in the last 12 months, who have been offered the chance to
sail on Talisker Bounty Boat and then changed their mind, for what ever
reason...where will it end?

That is the beauty of this have to check back for each exciting
episode. I have to tell you there are plenty of comments going around in
Australia at the moment about this crazy little boat about to set of with no
food, toilet paper, sailing gear...and no crew by the look of it. I spoke to
Jessica on Pink Lady about it and she recons you are always better off with
stuffed toys as crew, even though they do not help with the washing up! Not
a problem on TBB.

We will all look back on this as part of the adventure that started 221
years ago..Bligh must be wondering what we are all made of and having a
right chuckle, but he new at the beginning we were all slightly mad for
wanting to do this for fun anyway. I just want to get out there now and get
on with it. Want to come!!!


johnboi said...

aghhhhh, I am regretting it already! I wanna come! lol. but I cant. As "Dan near Toronto" said, I have followed Mikes journey last year, even met the guy (and got a signed t shirt), just missing a signed book now, hint hint Mike. but although we now think my anxiety/ agoraphobia problems are due to an over active thyroid, Im still being treated, so wouldn't be allowed to go anyway. snot fair.

If there is anything planned for next year, more closer to home, then count me in! Being unable to get out of the house for 5 years just after my 18th birthday... Im ready for an adventure... but there must be food :P

Richard in Maryland said...

Sorry one of your crew bailed out, but better now than one month into it, and the "I'm going to swim to land, I can't take it anymore!". I am seriously tempted as I love history,sailing, adventure, etc, and am completely bored by my present mundane life.
I even have the money! The problem is I would have to put my career on hold, and alienate my wife. I wish you the best in your search for crew, maybe Jessica's Big Ted has a brother, Bigger Ted.

Richard in Maryland

magpie said...

Money???? I thought the wind was free?
Good luck in your search, but I think I'd rather spend a year cooped up in a hut in Antartica waiting for the first penguin to show up.(Ummm no maybe not)

RichieParis said...

If I were fit, if I were a sailor, if I were healthy, if I were available, if I were daring, no doubt I would go with you. Unfortunately, I am none of these. But I do support you and wish you a full success, and for the adventure, and for the fight against MND, and for the fun and great times you will have, even the hard ones.
One suggestion: Mrs Anna Bligh from Queensland. Her name makes her a good candidate. And she said that Jessica was too young to sail; but she is older, so she could do it?

Anonymous said...

Anyone have Bear Grylls phone number? How about ex-military elite (Navy Seal, etc)? Many candidates in this group would be physically fit, have outdoor training, committed, slightly crazy/willing to accept risk, sailing experience, and have most likely gone without TP on occasion. :) Just a thought.

L.G., Seattle, USA

Dan near Toronto said...

Well this has certainly thrown a spanner in the works Don. Apr 8 approaches and I'd love to go if I were 20 yrs younger. I've done a wee bit of sailing over the past 30years and 22 years of military life might be a benefit, but work now also precludes me from being a viable participant.

Here is a thought though....perhaps contact Shaun Quincey over in NZ. He certainly has the stamina having just completed the first west to east solo row crossing of the Tasman, last month. I followed his voyage online like Mike's and Shaun just might be your man. Just Google Tasman Tresspasser II.

All the best on your quest Don.