Monday, March 29, 2010

MIKE can't go!!

Hi all,


This week I had my final medical and I received my test results back and I'm totally gutted to report that it's become clear that I won't be fit enough to participate in the Talisker Bounty Boat expedition. The doctors who I have been seeing whilst I've been recovering from my operation won't sign me as fit and are saying I shouldn't go.


Although the tests I've had to take have came back clear, the lymph glands in my abdominal area are still inflamed despite the time it's been since the operation which according to my doctor implies that there is still stuff going in on my body following the operation. The doc also said that this would explain why I am not putting any weight back on at the moment.


What with having my appendix out, I've lost just over a stone and I haven't been able to put any back on since arriving back home. The doc said it's as if my body has been through the trip once already and is still not far along the road of recovery. I real fine mentally and am raring to go, but physically still don't have anywhere near the amount of energy I used too.


Everyday that I've been home I've been hoping that the next day I would improve further and faster but it just hasn't really been happening. I had fully expected to be fit and dandy by now but it seems that my body just isn't recovering as fast as we'd all like it too.


So feeling really hacked off; I'm now announcing that I'll be off the boat simply down to health reasons and so now there is a place on the boat to fill. Anyone want to go and fill my spot?? 


The good news is that the book launch is going really well and I have probably signed over a hundred books for different people. I am actually really chuffed at the way it has gone and it is very satisfying to think that my story is in bookstores all over the county and now I am officially an 'Author'. I wonder what my English teachers must think of me!




Anonymous said...

They'd be proud of you Mike and proud of them selves for being your teachers!

Sorry to hear the bad news mate!

Hey, you can at least hang it on them from home now though like I'm going to do! It'll still be fun and we can think of them each time we wipe our back sides.


Jerry Critter said...

Sorry Mike. I was hoping to follow you on your next adventure. Take care of yourself. There will be new adventures once you are healthy again.

RichieParis said...

That's bad news, Mike... Sorry for you, and for us, and for the crew and Captain Don. You would have been a great sailor for that adventure.
As there is nothing else to do, please take care of those lymph glands of yours and get them fixed soon; if not for TBB, it will be useful for the next project coming up... If they were to resist the doctor's treatment, you could still ask Jessica, as she proved able to fix many things, including a dunny. If Don lends her the right tools, she will get her way to the glands and clean them up; no mould left, guaranteed!
Seriously, I wish you a full recovery.
Don... There is room for TWO ladies now! The Bounty journey is looking more and more like a romantic cruise, don't you think so?

johnboi said...

Read about this first on Mikes blog, cant believe it. There will be more adventures to come though in the future. I think I can speak for us all here in saying that its the right thing to do and that we all admire you hugely. Your a big inspiration to me and I hope you feel better soon.

I think that out of respect to your fellow crew mates though Mike, you should hang a rope on your toilet roll holder while there away :P

Dan near Toronto said...

Mike, I've left my comments over on your website mate. Get well really soon too.


Patron of SIF"The Kentucky Kid" said...

Dear Mike,
Sorry to hear this sad news,you must be "Gutted"?
The main thing is to recover to full Health!
all the very best for the future,
From all at The Sheffield Institute Foundation.
Stuart Keane

Anonymous said...

it is said to hear the news, but safety is the best option, for Mike and the rest of the crew. Wishing you well Mike and wishing you a speedy recovery, being sick is not funny.

Bill and Jack Moorhead said...

Mike, if you went and forced the abandonment of the expedition, you feel more 'gutted' have already accomplished alot and will in the future. As my daughter said to me (when told that she wouldn't survive from her leukaemia)..."Well, you tried your best Dad". I say the same to you mate. PS Just had 4 days south of Hobart on the Blizzard with David...awesome bloke.
Bill and Jack