Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Comment too humbling not to publish!

The 7:30 Report story was good I thought. You obviously have the true spirit of sane madness mixed with meticulous planning, preparation and eye for detail essential for all those possessed with pushing adventure to the limit and getting away with it!! - adventures which help transport us into a world of possibility while reminding us of the nature of our history. I am sure many like myself will hold you and the team in our prayers and best wishes daily, inspired by your audacity and courage. Anonn.


magpie said...

Yeah I agree,
Get used to sucking that salt you bunch of Lunatics, lol.

Rubypat said...

I enjoyed the report on TV too. Having followed your blog for a few weeks, it was exciting to see you in action!

RichieParis said...

Yes, that's a good one! Congrats to Anon.!

Toni McLean said...

The 7.30 Report was good, Don. You didn't come off looking mad - only your scheme!!! Bligh didn't have much of a choice - it was push on or perish for him, and of course he was also motivated by getting to somewhere where he could his authority as ship's captain to hold the mutineers accountable. So people will be wondering why you would want to leave a perfectly good home to voluntarily replicate what Bligh had no choice about. Does sound a little nuts! But knowing different personality types as I do, it's no surprise.

Hope you get the China thing sorted out.