Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dave in the real world!

It was mixed feelings for me leaving Sydney and returning home to Hong Kong, excited about seeing my daughters, relieved that Bounty Boat preparations were complete, seeing her being lifted in the container triggered a great sigh….   Spending time with the crew and coming together as a team was a fun, how we would get along and gel together was a major concern for me,

 it is difficult to imagine spending so much time in such close proximity for such an extended period of time with someone your close too, let alone complete strangers!  We are all very different, each member compliments each other and it is an honor to be part of the team.  We share a common goal, mutual respect (though I don’t I personally get enough) and a positive outlook on the challenge ahead, I am certain this will considerably contribute to the increased probability of success, with the addition to the team of lady luck!! Please drop by when you are available!

Being back home with my children is wonderful, I am going to miss them terribly, my eldest daughter at 14 has a better understanding of the expedition and my reasons for participation.  My youngest at 7 does not, so I have been busy thinking of ways to involve her without unnecessary worry.  I am scouring the book shops for a large map on which I can mark out the intended journey and she can follow. I’ve bought some great children’s books by Patrick O’Brien on Great Ships and the Bounty, this is an adventure for the family, not just Dad! I need to remind myself of that.

Back to my real world, in the office it very busy completing my regular work load and then managing my affairs in anticipation for the trip.  (Meeting with the lawyers to update my will was a moment of WHY am I doing this) My business partners and staff are very supportive, if not a little perplexed.

I have had deep reservations about the expedition since returning, the pendulum daily swinging between fear and excitement, as I write it is heavily on the excitement side, yesterday was very different (might be connected with Will updating) I remain considerably  outside my comfort zone, for me, the adventure has already began, if only at least emotionally.

Meeting with Eddie Chambers tomorrow, my fitness trainer and he plans to put me back on a strict regime…  Oh Great….  Cant wait.. See you tomorrow Ed.

David Wilkinson

Life is for Living -


magpie said...

Hi Dave,
Fitness trainers are LUXURY in my book, lol.
I am starting to wonder who's going to take the role of Bligh and carry the extra pounds?
Seems like the preparation the team is doing will give you some opportunities for a bit of that Lady luck.
Hoo Roo ☺☺☺

ddmaan2 said...

Way to go Dave. We have every bit of confidence in you and the team, and are sure you will succeed with out a problem.(Well not to many anyway!) Keep up the good work on the Blogs. Very enjoyable reading.
Cheers, Dave from Auckland, NZ

RichieParis said...

This journey will be memorable for the armchair followers, so we can guess that it will be, that it already is a momentum for its members.
Time to think and time to prepare.
We admire you a lot.

Rubypat said...

Many thanks from all the 'lurkers' who are going to share your trip from the comfort of their lounge rooms. What a great adventure!

Stuart Keane said...

Super Blogg from regular Guy
Stuart from SIF, Great Britain.

johnboi said...

Doubts are normal, as I said in a previous post, it would be more worrying if you didn't have any. You have the support of the team and of people following the blog, good luck, and have fun with the fitness trainer. Also just to say, although I dont know the team, I have met Mike and followed his adventures last year, he is very experienced, I would say your in safe hands with him, let alone the others.

Toni McLean said...

Hi Dave,
I've only heard about this expedition very recently, so don't really know anyone involved. Apart from being an old sailor, so can't help but have heard of Don, being an Aussie myself. Reading about your family made me ask "why?" too. But no judgements. It's wonderful if they support you and what you're doing. I suspect that adds to the likelihood of success - in this context by success I mean survival!

Good luck with it all. I'll be watching.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they can involve the school and follow your trip in the classroom? Alot of schools here are following Jessica's trip also. My only concern is that the waterline REALLY is in the right and best wishes to all Jenny

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave!

It's a great blog and it's also great that you're all having a chat on it!

It's good to meet you mate and if you ever need someone to take care of the Mazzzzerati when your in Melbourne then I reckon I'm your man!