Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mike in London!l

Today we can expect cloud across Scotland and eastern England which
will spread west through the day with some patchy rain at times but
gradually easing with some western parts remaining dry. Most areas
will see some brighter spells although parts of Scotland will remain
cloudy. A high of 11degrees, a low of 5degrees.

Alternatively, over the next 24hours we can expect; wind, northwest
veering east 3 or 4, veering southeast later, sea state, moderate
decreasing slight, occasional rain, then mainly fair with moderate or
good visibility.

I've been finding myself waking up exceptionally early and going to
bed rather early since I got home from Oz due to the pretty harsh jet
lag. It's a frustrating feeling being up at half 4 in the morning wide
awake with sod all to do as no one else is awake.

It's been nice and busy back here at home in London as things are
really ramping up for the launch of my book 'Sailing the Dream' on the
18th March. I've had a few photo calls and a number of interviews
which have been good fun. I always find it interesting talking to new
people about the world trip and they're always excited to hear about
this new project which we're embarking on.

I've begun cracking on with all my college work too which as ever is a
priority when I'm not off adventuring or getting up to mischief in

I was in the middle of London, at the heart of the city yesterday and
I couldn't help but think just how unfresh the air in the city is
compared to Australia. it's amazing how polluted it is and I didn't
like it one bit. I imagine Dave in Hong Kong must be having similar
thoughts too..

I'm off to run a string of errands today, such as cleaning the car,
going to the waste tip to get rid of a load of junk out our garage and
as per usual going out with friends in the evening. Should be a good
day, especially with these 'brighter spells' we should be getting
later one. However first of all, I need to get out of my big
comfortable bed which is where I'm currently writing this blog from
this morning, typical me. Oh how I'm going to miss this bed with it's
memory foam mattress on the expedition!



magpie said...

Mike if you're excited about your book 'Sailing the Dream' then put it in before the weather report.
I nearly went to sleep in the first 2 paragraphs of your blog, lol. hoo Roo ☺☺☺

Danielle said...

This is somewhat off topic, but I was wondering if there was anyway for us here in the U.S. to watch your channel four documentary?

Can't wait for the Bounty to set sail and I really enjoy reading y'alls blog along with Jessica's!

Hope to take sailing lessons during summer break down here in San Diego as I have become completely fascinated with sailing after following Jessica's blog and now the Bounty's.

Thanks for everything and I'm looking forward to your book coming out.

I also would like to thank Don for all the amazing updates. When I came across this blog I spent a whole afternoon looking up the original Bounty online instead of studying, haha!

Anonymous said...

Typical Englishman, always bleating on about the weather LOL. Will be following you on TBB as I did all the way round before. Good luck Mike

RichieParis said...

Thanks for the britsh news, Mike!
A couple of things you should do in London, besides weather reports, college work and book launch, are going to see a good musical (as there are very scarce in the Pacific, and buy a couple of cans of London air, to let your shipmates breathe and appreciate the difference... They sold them years ago, maybe they are still doing? (It was near Carnaby Street or Oxford Cicrus, I guess).

Stuart Keane said...

Hi Mike,
But just think How Memory Fo(a)(r)ming this expedition will be?
all the very best with the book
Stuart from The Sheffield Institute Foundation

johnboi said...

I have a memory foam mattress topper, they are good! didn't know you had got yourself a car, what ya got? Think I want to sell mine now, its not a good drive. Good luck finding your bed, been there, done that, I once slept on the floor because I had so much stuff on my bed.

Anonymous said...

Heya Mike!

Don wasn't wrong when he said that your blog will probably be all about the weather. I'm in Melbourne and what wild weather we've been having! We haven't seen anything like this for over a century. Thunder storms and hail the size of gulf balls have been causing a lot of destruction and people canoeing in the cities streets. lol

Take care mate! I really think you guys will have a great time.


Queenslander said...

It is only when one leaves the shores of Oz that one fully appreciates ALL the reasons it is called the Lucky Country.

@ Richie Paris... it looks like your country men in Groupama 3 are about to cross their outbound track. Got some hard yakka ahead of them to stay in with a chance of the record.

Queenslander said...

BTW... I forgot to include this in my previous comment.

When I learned about this I immediately thought of Don & Mike and their piece of trailing rope :)

Should make an interesting diversion to all the nautical escapades... and it is for a good cause.

Roski said...

Hey Mike ... I followed Ellen MacAuthur in 2005 then thought no more about the sport till I ran across story of Jessica leaving Sydney Harbor on her current trip. So I missed your and Zac's voyages. I did watch most of your excellent videos on
The TBB trip sounds like it will be quite an adventure and possibly a very trying ordeal. Hope yours preparations go according to plan.


MJ from Brisbane said...

Hey Mike - Great Blog!! Make the most of your comfortable bed while you have it I reckon!! The weather over there sounds pretty ordinary as usual. Well - to all of you - can't wait til you get underway and hope all the preparations are underway as planned. On previous Blog re the food - yes 100 gm's of dried fruit for lunch is fairly bloody unappealing!! Best you all be piling on the kilo's now (mind you we don't want Talisker to sink as soon as you all get on board!!LOL Finally I know your Blog isn't getting too many comments as yet but sure that heaps of people are reading it and once underway the traffic through it will be overwhelming!! Take care and smooth preparations.