Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mikes car is bigger than TBB?

Hi all,

This last week has been busier still as the countdown has been ticking
away until the launch of my book. Only 5 days to go now! There have
been loads of interviews happening and I'm always pushing home about
this project which should get more and more interest ramped up.

On Monday I visited a secondary school in south london do to a talk
about my round the world trip and I was really thrilled with the
response that I got. It was one of those talks where you just get a
really good feeling at the end. I love seeing the guys eyes light up
as I describe what it's like to sail in the southern ocean and nothing
can really match that feeling.

Some of the questions I received were brilliant as usual too. 'Was
there a toilet?' No, it was a bucket. 'When you lose sight of land and
there are like no land references how do you know where to go?' Once
upon a time, someone invented a little thing called a compass.

This weekend I've decided to get away for a bit and go on a road trip
down to Cornwall with two of my closest friends for a bit of good fun
time out and banter. Sometimes it feels like life is nonstop at home
and so I always ensure that I have some good quality time out.

I contemplated us sleeping in the car due to the pure ease of doing so
but in the end I packed in one of my good sized tents and a few blow
up beds and sleeping bags. Very basic I am when it comes to camping. I
don't like all the mod cons, I just like everything to be simple and

I've now booked my flight back out to Oz so the departure date is
certainly getting sooner which is dead exciting!



Toni McLean said...

Did anyone ask you where did you stop at night on your circumnavigation? It was a question my ex and I used to get in our sailing days, and I noticed on Jessica's blogs that some non-sailors asked the same thing!

I'm with you on the camping thing. Minimalist. If I've gone with someone who takes everything I start out in a grumpy mood and it can go anywhere from there!

At least on the Bounty boat it will be how you like it - just the basics - well, not even the basics!!!!

Look forward to the start date.


Rubypat said...

Hope the book launch is very successful, and that you enjoy that time out! Hope the cold weather in England isn't too hard to cope with after enjoying Australia's warm weather!

magpie said...

Hi Mike,
Good to see you're doing the rounds, lol.
Hope your book goes well.
Hoo Roo ☺☺☺

johnboi said...

pop through dorset on your way back and say hello! :P