Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Official TBB Uniform!

GOOD LOOK HEY! I made the decision today that for the first time since 1982,
I am going sailing without my MUSTO! We are going to use NO sailing clothing
at all! Nothing built or made for sailing. It will be just outdoor gear and
normal clothes to get a bit closer to Bligh..we should still stay warm and
maybe dry, but we will have a few more challenges. I know there will be the
purists out there who will be saying take Bligh clothing, but I have safety
considerations as well, so it will be interesting to see what we come up

The plan is an outer dry layer, inner warm layer and wool underwear, two T
shirts, two long-sleeved shirts, two shorts, two long pants, some undies, a
Talisker T shirt and Musto business shirt for onshore occasions in Tonga and
Kupang. That's it! Why do we need so many clothes? So we can throw some
overboard when we are chased by natives as Bligh did. He actually had too
many clothes onboard when they set off.

We have this dilema,that what ever we take to Tonga has to go in TBB to
Kupang. We cannot get anything back from Tonga, so there will be a bit of
juggling I think as we are in Tonga for two weeks before we set off.

If you wondered about the Temperatures we are going to get. In Tonga average
min will be 18 max 28 humidity 80% with many days of rain and by the time we
get to Thursday Island the Temps will be Av. Min. 24 Max 30 and 80% humidity
but only about 4 days a month with more than 1mm. Of rain so we will be
getting thirsty then!

I have two new bloggers on the site now and should by Monday be able to
publish the comments again. Stuart Keane is my mate at SIF..and we have been
working together for a very long time. He will write a Sunday blog for the
next few weeks until we head off to Tonga on the 11th April and then will
help us with the site during the voyage. He will moderate and publish the
comments each day while we are in TBB. Margie is the other possible Blogger
incase we cannot get something off the boat one day I may be able to ring
and she will post that. Power will be a big issue for us Talisker Bounty
Boat crew, so we may not get to see the comments till we finish in Kupang.

When we get the new web site up "soon" you will see an "Audio" button. Yes
you will be able to listen in to me, maybe every day, for the Talisker
Bounty Boat News report. I will make a sat call as often as possible which
will go online within minutes of me hanging up the stay tuned.

The last few days have I been buried in Camera and satellite gear specs and
purchases. Still hoping to post video blogs from the boat. I am about to buy
all that gear and hope I can keep it working. Much rather buy a mattress for
the boat! and how about a fridge...and what would Bligh be thinking?


magpie said...


That's fine and dandy ☺

What are you worried about?
I remember sailing the old VJ on the Parramatta river with woolly knitted jumpers and footy jerseys.
We didn't have to capsize to get wet on those boats, lol.

Great to hear everything is going swimmingly.☺☺☺.

Patron of SIF"The Kentucky Kid" said...

What a handsome "Chapie" that David Spencer is?
Is he some kind of a Model?