Wednesday, March 17, 2010

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This past week I have switched up my training a bit.  Instead of everyday runs and whole wheat bread I have followed the example of Don and Dave in Australia.  I have increased my caloric intake and have now added pastries and whole, chocolate milk to the menu!


I am not exactly sure how many pounds I should pack on for this expedition, but when beginning all the training in Australia I weighed in at about 175 pounds and I can now confess that I am  up to 180 pounds with Kentucky Fried Chicken on the menu for tonight.  (T-bone steaks last night-with potatoes!)  I think I am doing well as long as I do not have a heart attack before the expedition begins.


Not much else is going on.  I am a little concerned about the new decision to wear no sailing gear.  I fear that we are going to be very, very cold and well as quite hungry.  While reading Bligh’s journal I found that his crew suffered an incredible amount due to being cold and even complained more about being cold than being hungry.  Hard for me to believe that with so little food that being cold would matter as much.  In order to remedy this Bligh ordered his men to dunk their clothing in the salt water, wringing them out and put them back on.  Bligh stated that this helped bring the men relief and warmth.  We’ll see what we will have to resort to…


My life sure has changed in the last few months.  I was skiing right before leaving for training in Australia, had a good time there and now back  for the muddy mess Spring creates in Minnesota.


Speaking on the weather front, Minnesota is FINALLY a bit warmer.  The snow is melting and we are only having to deal with mud.  I did see a robin yesterday so spring must finally be upon us…that being said, snow is in the forecast for Saturday!  It is times like these that we Minnesotans ask ourselves “just what am I doing up here.”


I have medical conferences this weekend and we are having a get together with friends out at our farm this Saturday night…bratwurst, burgers and shrimp on the barbeque (we keep a path shoveled to the grill).






Queenslander said...

Putting on wet clothes would only make you colder as the moisture evaporates.

Good for cooling off during the day but cannot see how it would act as a heater?

Rod Jones said...

Not wearing sailing gear......?
Who came up with that dumb idea? The voyage has already been done before, so you are not proving that it can be done. So why be absolutely miserable and hypothermic while you re-create this voyage? I don't get it.

magpie said...

Well we know by now that this quest you are taking is crazy.

It is very honorable that you will put Bligh back in the minds for the GenX and GenY's.

At least the Talisker's will get drunk quickly. H☼☼ R☼☼.