Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well it will become the biggest topic of the whole voyage! Whether the weather will get us. Wether you are into the Weather or not, it is worth checking out www.passageweather.com Right now the poor people of Fiji have just been hit by a big Cyclone and in the past few weeks Tonga has also been hit. Passage weather will be the best way for you all to follow what we are getting when we are out there and it also gives a forecast into what we are likely to get. We will not have access to any of that in the TBB as Bligh did not. This season in the tropics seems to be very hot so there is already some discussion about the possibility of a late Cyclone! Hope not! The season usually finishes at the end of April, but Global Warming is having an effect, with more likelihood of late and early cyclones.


We have a full contingency plan if a Cyclone were to form up in our general area, but we obviously would prefer not to see one at all!..so put Passageweather.com into your favourites and you will see what is happening and for now you can follow the cyclone out there and think of the people getting hit!


Pete’s Blog is a little late! Will be up tonight I recon. right on top of Dave’s Wed. wonder..I am looking forward to that!    

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magpie said...

Hi,What's this about global warming having an effect on the weather? Careful, don't get this confused with your nino's, lol.