Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SHIPS? and 7.30 report

Well we had a sudden change of plans today with the ship due to take our container on the first leg from Syd.to Auckland in NZ, now delayed. We ran the risk of missing the connection from NZ to Tonga, so there were a few frantic emails and instructions to load the container early onto another ship. I had some help from the Tongan Govt. departments locating an agent in a hurry and Margie plugged some gaps in Hobart. We are back on track again.


Dave reported in that his doctor would not stop laughing when he asked for his medical examination. He thought Dave should be seeing a specialist Psychologist type person, instead of a medical practitioner?


In Australia the ABC ran a 6 minute story on TBB..(Google ABC 7.30 report and you will get the program, then click on the Talisker Bounty Boat story)..you will see that Dave did a great job,..he had his sun glasses right over the top of the Talisker logo on his hat..he is such a Gem! But you have to laugh and it was the ABC going National around Australia Prime time!.


I have been on the computer all day today..why am I not surprised?..but looking through all the pictures from the Sydney training session, I am starting to wonder if my efforts to get a “Bounty Belly” in preparation for the voyage is being TOO succesfull!!..again you have to Laugh hey! I am at 94 KG at the moment and am trying for 97kg…that means I should get to 81kg at the end of the voyage??


OK so the blogs are getting through the Chinese system, but the comments are not yet..I am in China and I am the moderator..I receive all the comments on my emails,so to publish them from here, I have to have the Blog web site up at the same time as my emails and then hit publish…the issue is that I cannot get the Blog site up in China, so no comments publish…but I am sorting a new moderator which will solve the problem …and then they will all get up..so comments are not lost…like all those complaints about Mikes weather report!!


Off to cook some rice!  



magpie said...

Onya Dave,
Sunnies over the logo a classic sponsor mistake.
Looks like he won't be getting a turn wearing that single Talisker'T'Shirt(Today show) off Don anytime soon. Hoo Roo ☺☺☺

RichieParis said...

Ha! Ha! TBB tried to escape! I'm wondering whom in the crew he may be afraid of! Congrats for having caught her in time and made her being loaded on another ship!
No doubt you will be ready, even if it is only after some surprises!

William said...

Kudo's to the Tonga Government!