Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hot & Cold's

We have had some interesting comments this week!
Everyone seems to have the "The Hots"for Don's boat "Ice" and rightly so, what thought and planning went into her, I have told Don that I would love to sail in her!

Then we have had lots of "Cold's" for Don's new Uniform suggestion! ( Is it just a Suggestion?)
I have had to reject several that were downright offensive in the use of reproductive suggestions, it seems that the person(s) who write the most of the offensive ones are alway's anonymous, come on " Guy's", you can still get your points over without swearing!
All I can say about the clothing issue to Pete, Dave & Mike is that at least Don has not suggested going native, has he? "So alway's look on the bright side"

I had a vary nice e-mail from the Duke of Devonshire ( The Honorary Patron of the Sheffield Institute Foundation.) He follows the TBB Blog all the time, no doubt he was very amused to see his very own Dave Spencer modeling the new Talisker Bounty Boat Uniform! Dave is the Domain Senior Supervisor to the Chatsworth House Estate,( surely the nicest stately home and estate in the U.K.)
Don was invited by the Duke to attend his Country Fair in September last year with the TBB, and he met Dave there, who's hobby is Old Naval Uniforms, and he is a leading member of a Historic Uniform Society, Dave very kindly dressed in the way a sailor would in the day's of the Bligh period, and you can see the display on the ground of all his worldly goods. Dave gave lectures to the crowds and he also arranged for my late son Shaun and his family to be driven to the side of the Talisker Bounty Boat so he could meet Don.Thanks Dave you are a "Star"

I wonder what uniform Don would be suggesting if he had not been Invited to the Country Fair?

I had a meeting in Sheffield a few day's ago with two of our Patron's Sarah & Stephen, so I took the opportunity to have a look at the progress the new SITraN building, which you can see in the picture above, it is on schedule for a November official opening "Great News"!

Thanks for the link to Tonga-it seems an amazing county to visit. lets all go there to see the wonderfully happy crew, in all their splendor and Talisker Bounty Boat set sail!

I have just had my next door neighbor Ken bring me round a copy of yesterday' Daily Telegraph, It has a full half page on Mike & the TBB, so the word is spreading.

Please keep on commenting and donating.

Well that's all for now folk's, Ive got to go, as my wife Lynn has run the bath, and she doe's not want it to go "Cold" for me?


Anonymous said...

Hey! Is that the building where the research into your cause is taking place. If so that's so cool it's going forward with flying colors. I'm not a good reader or writer (Dyslexia)and I'm trying to catch up with this blog and everyone involved so it would be good if you could sign off with your names. I'll try to catch up.

Well who cares? Just well done!


magpie said...

That's a big Lol on "going native".
Trailing a rag is just about as much my imagination can cope with at this stage of your planning.
Hoo Roo =)