Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Where Is The Wind...............?"

Becalmed again, since 5am this morning we have been without wind, a boat speed of between 0.5-1 knot is painful to say the least. We are 550 miles from Restoration Island and at current speed will cover between 12-20 miles per day!!! Off course we will see a wind change, it is however a sobering thought when you are completely Dependent upon the elements.

After the usual becalmed swim, wash, deification there is little else to do and no where to hide from the scorching heat, even under the canvas it is very hot and unpleasant but one can at least avoid sun burn. Moods are affected in the heat and as boredom sets in, the only one who seems unaffected is David Q, his mood never seems to change, just hums his way through the day, though I do wish he would extend his repertoire of songs, Christmas carols in May in the Pacific Ocean is rather unusual to say the least..'

As each day passes, I am more and more concerned as to what is happening at the office? I have never been out of contact for this amount of time and confess to not liking it!! Fortunately my business partners are very supportive and I have a great team to work with, still I feel anxious, when you have sunk your heart and soul into your business so passionately for five years it is difficult to stand by and not know how it is going! I am personally struggling with this and daily find myself wondering what is happening to the markets, and our business.

My biggest challenge is I am missing my daughters terribly, however good company the crew on Talisker Bounty Boat are, they do not replace the love and happiness one feels when with there children, I look forward to being with them, in the mean time I have to just take one day at a time!!

I am concerned at the potential delay, if this continues, how far behind Bligh we will fall, and how long I am able to wait. By the time we reach Restoration Island, we will have covered 2400 miles and with 1400 miles to cover before Timor I wonder if I will have to jump ship in Restoration, return to my real life, my children and the business. It would be a big decision, and one that I will need to assess and we proceed to Australia, and discuss with Don, if it looks at all likely. I respect Don's view and know it will be an honest opinion.

The objective for me was to continue a personal journey and grow, learn and have an extraordinary chapter in an otherwise, ordinary, but extremely pleasant life, on this I am happy with the outcome so far.

One major realization for me, this expedition has compounded how important my relationship with my daughters really is, for all of us! The relationship between father daughter is extremely special and they are growing far to fast! Soon they will be off to university, then into their own adult life, with one at 14, the other 7, there is precious little time to share adventures, and this expedition has made me realize that sharing adventures with my daughters can be the greatest joy of all and then they may grow up with their own hunger for personal adventure, not just computer games and TV. Using Don's definition, an adventure is where the outcome is unknown (I like this) then there are numerous adventures we can share, they do not have to be on this scale and this I wish to make my focus for the forthcoming years, I have many ideas but will wait until I am sat with my daughters and discuss!! I hear them now, saying "oh no, what now" :)

I reviewed the food stock today, we have 19 days of food, including what we are allowed in Restoration Island, and approx 23+ days to go. Therefore we are starting a process of reducing our intake and saving some food for the later week, I confess to reducing Corned Beef is not a problem for me.... On the hunger, I am doing much better and not feeling hungry, my appetite seems to have been reduced, my weight is diminishing which is motivating me, though I am missing some health food....

Hopefully, next time I writ, we will be on Restoration Island and all my concerns will have been alleviated!!

David W (not Quilter)

Personal Message for my daughters - Hi Lucinda and Isabelle, Good gosh I am missing you both, please see the note above about adventures.... I am serious, so put your thinking caps on!! Lets have some fun... I Love you Dad xx

Don is feeling really bad, his worst day so far, no energy nor appetite, sore throat, hot and sticky, maybe side affects of drugs for Kidney stones, which are supposed to be consumed after big meal!! or he says maybe an infection from sharing spoons and forks!! Still thinking of Bligh's men he says.... Silly me, I suggested it could be the appalling diet... surely not... No... can be....


Anthony Phillips said...

Dave, don't worry about the office they are coping very well. Maybe too well... Quote, " Dave who? Oh yes, we used to have a Dave here, but he lost his marbles"!
Keep it up. I vote you go for the finish...


Anonymous said...

I see what you mean Dave. Don's not looking to well, his looking pail, his nose is swollen and turning blue. lol

Hang in there crazy mob!

Tim Stackpool said...

Stick with the voyage Dave! The business will live off the stories of your expedition for many successful years to come. Go the distance!

Peg-Leg-Pete said...

Fab Blog Dave,
Go all the way, To Timor
Peg Leg Pete

Freddy said...

Sorry fellas the blogging community are a bit blogged-out, since JW's re-entry in Sydney.

A good pass-time whilst on a boat is brushing up on your knowledge of 'bends and hitches'. Can be fun and educational - Anybody able to make a Monkeys fist or Turks head?

I will add $20 to the Talisker cause if one of you applies a Turks head onto one of your oars, before you make Restoration Island.

Best wishes for a wind improvement. Fred.

Anonymous said...

Keep going Dave W, but only you know what is best for you and I'm sure you will make the right decision in the end!!

I would imagine your business is in safe hands and there is more to life than the office, as you are now proving.

Your girls must be so proud of you. I know we are and are following the adventures of all of the crew every day.

From a member of your family.

Anonymous said...

David W - Nothing like being becalmed in the heat with no food to ruminate on future priorities, you've done exceedingly well.

Don - I hope you're body is taking the punishment ok, you've already had a sensational adventure, take care

David S

Anonymous said...

David W - Nothing like being becalmed in the heat with no food to ruminate on future priorities, you've done exceedingly well.

Don - I hope you're body is taking the punishment ok, you've already had a sensational adventure, take care

David S

Sarah (in Canada) said...

Hang in there gang! Looks (from Passage Weather) like 10 - 15 knot winds are headed your way in just a day or so. In the meantime, you are still making progress, however painful at the moment. Hope it gets somewhat less painful for Don.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Don insisted on the corned beef being 221 years old and that is what puts Dave W off eating it.

A relative of Dave W.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Don insisted on the corned beef being 221 years old and that is what puts Dave W off eating it!!

A relative of Dave W.

Anonymous said...

What do COG 273 and SOG 1.2 KT mean on the map co-ordinates please?


Anonymous said...

Dave W, you have a family and greats friends who are very supportive of whatever life you do. Keep it up! all suffer that you feel does not mean anything when you get Kupang with joy!!

Proud of you all Bounty's crew!!

From, Jakarta-Indonesia

JiffyLube said...

You're worrying about the office because you think you're indispensable, but the business will get along without you. You're daughters will get along without you too, because they know not only is this adventure something you wanted to do, but you're only going to be gone another month or so. It's the slow sailing, heat, and lack of good food that's getting to you, so once you get on land again to rest up you'll feel a whole lot better for the last leg. You can quit any time you want, but I think you'll always regret what could have been if you do.

Patron of Sheffield Institute Foundation said...

Dear Anonymous HAL,
In reply to your question:
What do COG 273 and SOG 1.2 KT mean on the map co-ordinates please?
COG(Course Over Ground)& the number 273 represents the compass bearing of 273 degrees( Direction)
SOG( Speed Over Ground) & the number 1.2 KT represents the speed in Knots.
I hope that this is correct as I am not a proper sailor! Like the brave guy's on the Talisker Bounty Boat.
Cheers Stuart

Angus said...

Keep Going Dave!
I will personally make you some saudages for when you come to the UK


Gary said...

Mate, you might as well keep going.
The business really is 100% okay in fact...........keep going mate no need to rush back!!!! lunchtimes are so much more peacful than you sending the food back to complain (bet you wont do that again in a hurry). Acceptance is the answer to the problem here and knowing you i think that it will be difficult to accepted not carrying.............right here we go i have been practising typing the next line " I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU!" wow did it!! we are all proud of you in the office...............and as i said no need to hurry back!!!!................really no need......listen to that silence in the office..............really no need.............take care sarge ! (bill is doing some good work so all in order.)

chris beale said...

Hi Mate

I've only just realised I could respond to a blog, techno challenged to the last !!!

Keep going, don't you dare cop out after all this effort !

The office is fine, client stuff all under control.

Kick back and DO IT !!

Chris Beale

PS.........we all think you're a bit mad, but underneath it all, yeh, proud of you !!!