Monday, May 24, 2010

'Time Passes Slowly'

'Time Passes Slowly' - Bob Dylan,

I've had that stuck in my head for the past few days, somewhat ironically - we're not making especially fast progress, sometimes not moving at all. Still, I'm trying not to concern myself about it, we'll make it eventually. So this week I've noticed a subtle, steady change in the group. We're talking a lot more. I've been trying at times to get a decent conversation going about something from popular culture - good films, tv series, books. But when no-one else on this boat watches anything on tv but the news, only watches the occasional film while mid-flight somewhere and have completely different tastes in the little media they expose themselves to, suffice to say it was like trying to get blood from a stone. They're considerably more out of touch with world media than I expected.

Still, while passing time we've found ourselves talking over maaany different things. Childhood to adulthood, family, friends, religion, hopes and plans and dreams. And of course food. Food. Food. Food. I don't think we've gone a day without musing about what delicious something we want to get our teeth into. Though, while I find myself immensely inspired by the others, our talks have made me a lot more thankful for having a strong sense of my own mindset and way of life. While these guys do live amazing lives, there are definitely certain aspects of their lifestyles I'm really not envious of. Erm, how do I explain...Okay, for instance, the other day I found myself in a discussion, a little in shock, defending monogamy vs infidelity and affairs in relationships, with all three of them against me!

That, along with many other things we've talked about, just reminded me how vastly differently we'd formed our own beliefs and the effects our very different societies have had on us. Nevertheless, 'each to their own', as they say. Our talks on the whole have been extremely beneficial to me. With the helpful advice, guidance and words of experience from the others, i've reached conclusions regarding my own future that will no doubt prove invaluable. I think I'll endeavor to pick their brains right up to Kupang to gain all I can from the tales of their successes.

To be honest, all those real, spontaneous moments over the weeks have rarely occurred on camera. Considering there is going to be a documentary on all this, it's a bit of a shame. As for being on film, I struggle. I'd like to think of myself as quite composed but point a camera at me and I turn into a shy, blabbering wreck. So pretty much all footage of me up to now will be me making an ass of myself. Which fills me with apprehension when it comes to doing more pieces to camera. For now, I'm much more comfortable being in the background or capturing the others, who are considerably more articulate on film.

Fully hard to write this blog with the others distracting me every two seconds. It's hard enough to amalgamate a week's happenings into this tiny window of time I get. It would be so much easier if we all blogged least on me at any rate. Still, "rules is rules". Pah.

Impossible not to think of back home with all the spare time you have around here. A huge barbecue, with everyone over, beers on ice. Chicken, burgers, sausages. Standard. That's definitely on the cards. Aaaand there's a huge pepperoni pizza back there with my name on it. Damn, I'm really going to have to show some self-restraint when I get back because if I give into these mega-cravings I'll be morbidly obese in hours. Roast dinner, granny smith apples, orange juice, diet coke aaaaand a massive bowl of noodles. Om nom nom nom.

My ipod playlist is burned into my mind, so I'm constantly shuffling that to keep myself from going insane. Though it's making me get more and more psyched for Reading Festival. That's going to be so awesome. And films too, can't wait to get to the cinema and catch up with all the new releases. Iron Man 2, Clash of the Titans, Shutter Island. Oh and that Spielberg - Hanks, Band of Brothers-esque thing looks swweeeet. 'Pacific', I think it is.

Heh, okay, so I'm pretty strongly attached to media, I guess this shows how large a part in my life it plays. But you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way!

Hopefully by the time of my next blog we'll be at Restoration Island enjoying some much wanted...restoration, in the form of boiled cabbage and chicken stew, nice.

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Anonymous said...

Cool post Chris!

By the sounds of things with the boat not going anywhere, you'll be lucky to be home in time for the release of Iron Man 5.


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Reine said...


Love reading your blog (and Dave W.'s)you both bring the "human" element into the picture and write about the experience. Don seems to be about "me, me, me" and does not seem to follow the same rules he holds others to, not to mention being very difficult to read!

Anyway, hang in there and stick to your principles. Thanks for your blog.