Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Govt, Help, and Fishing Good & Bad"

We started our mandatory reporting to Australian Quarantine ,Customs and Immigration today as we approach Australia to make our entry . Unfortunately Restoration Island is not an official entry port which I have known for many months and I have been in close contact with the Govt. departments about procedures...I was hoping that maybe there would be a customs vessel in the area or?? in the end the only way was to fly a team down from Thursday Island at the tip of Cape York by helicopter which would cost about $10,000!!..or go to Cairns...not an option...

I am SO HAPPY to tell you that The Australian Customs service, and AQIS and Immigration all believe that the voyage of Talisker Bounty Boat is of Historical and National importance, and significance so have agreed to cover the cost of the Flight in their National Operating Budgets which is absolutely FANTASTIC news...I cannot thank all the Heads of Departments enough and the relevant Ministers who no doubt had to give approvals and sign this off as a special one off...I was told about this possible opportunity unofficially back in late February during training and just kept my fingers tell the truth if I had to find $10000 right now I would have challenges so THANKS AGAIN!!...look forward to seeing the team on the beach soon.

Not sure when that will be as we are still only sailing at about 3kts..very pleasant though and not hot, blue sky, 1mtr waves and plenty of action today..

Two big catches on the fishing line..the first was unfortunately a Blue footed Booby a bird that is about the size of a small turkey...luckily he must have only been on the line Before we saw him..I quickly got Quilter to stop the boat, told Dave W to don gloves and get the multy tool/pliers/knife ready and Chris to don gloves too while I slowly started pulling him in ..I had to stop occasionally to let his head up for air and give him some breath by backing off the line and eventually we had him alongside, reached down and grabbed his body..luckily he was only hooked on the last hook and it had gone through the soft membrane in the center of his lower beak..Chris was carefully able to back the hook out and then we had to cut just a small part of that membrane to remove it completely...the bird was very helpful and full of energy so a final check and he was off..he decided to land and workout what the hell had happened...he was flapping and checking wings etc, shaking head and generally a bit confused but he was back in the air after about four minutes and flew back to us to see what we were about..I am confident he will be fine but we were all a bit disappointed it happened...we had not seen any bird interested in the lure before but this has happened to me back inn 1997 and of course it is a major bird killer in commercial long-lining...

About an hour latter another Booby came past interested in the lure so I was holding it ready to give a quick tug at the last minute if he dived on it...he had two passed but nothing then all of a sudden I almost lost my hand..we were hit big time by a 15KG yellow fin tuna..hard to get in but Brilliantly tail roped by Dave W. just as one of the lure hook in his mouth pulled out alongside the boat and the last hook was straitening...we started eating him withing minutes and now the rest is drying around the amongst all this we lost all the line and lure as it was not set up correctly when it was put out earlier happens but still a now we have to try to make up another one.

Love the moon..Temp, tail winds, company in fact life is good at the moment ..but Kupang is looking like a long time away...get me to Restoration Island!!!..Don


Anonymous said...

Of course our government would have had to charge you to come out but covered the costs towards the Talisker Bounty Boats entry for the cause. (A donation to the Talisker crew to possibly be matched by our Government towards the bigger picture).

Sounds as if the boys are settling down, finding their sea legs and good tucker at last.

Missing Jess and Jesse's Blogger family. Wish they were here!

Go Team Talisker.

Tim Stackpool said...

What an amazing couple of days! Good to hear that spirits are up, as we all continue to enjoy the armchair experience from our comfy homes.

ibeard said...

I bet you forgot the wasabi sauce and the soya sauce for the fish...and what about some lemon!
We are all so delighted that you finally seem to have a delicious meal. I feel we are sailing every day with you
Irene and Richard Beard

magpie said...

Hi Crew,
An excellent bit of conservation. A Booby would present a big dilemma for fisherpeople around the world's Island groups.
Maybe this one will tell her mates.

Profpaul said...

God bless the Australian authorities. Well done team talisker on a gruelling passage from Vanuatu. Great to hear of a sashimi treat and your compassionate appraoch to the blue footed booby. We all hope Bligh's Passage is easy to find and gentle when you get there.

jack scott said...

Where is the historical significance? In 1983 the Child of Bounty completed the same voyage with out a hand held GPS and daily satellite phone calls. All the best to you but it has already been done almost 30 yrs ago.
With talk of book and documentary production why should the Australian tax payer pick up the tab on your adventure? Will you use the customs helicopter to shoot aerials?Will the blog author allow this?
Jack Scott. Child of Bounty crew.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo the Australian Government finally did something generous and admirable!!! Good on them in those departments, whoever made the decision!! Hope you are edging closer and closer to Restoration and hope Dave W going to hang on in there!! Looks like you have an awesome amount of Tuna hanging off TBB! Sail safe. MJ

Anonymous said...

Stu! You are quiet tonight! Have you been out sailing in the Doggy Bath thingy???!!! :-) MJ

Anonymous said...

Firstly, to Stu and your wife Lynne (I hope that is the correct name cos it is a long time since I read that Blog re your sailing boat) my sincerest condolences re you son Shaun. I am sorry I didn't pick up on this sooner but was William Watson who pointed it out to me. I now fully understand and appreciate your involvement and passion with supporting this venture!!

I so agree with William Watson that it would be awesome for the guys to see our messages of encouragement - that just may be what they need for the likes of Dave W to keep going.......

@Ehvee and Reine - while your comments are quite justified - let's not pick on Dave W too much - too be honest he has now done more than a lot of us would dare to do.............I know workaholics and he seems to be one and is wrong to use his children but let's not bag him. I see no point in bringing Zac on board???? Would way prefer to see Dave finish it. MJ

Anonymous said...

By coincidence, we came across the same situation yesterday as on the Bounty Boat. A Canada Goose caught up in a fishing line.

The poor thing was thrashing about and becoming more entangled. The fisherman had to reel it in and cut it free. It then swam off quite happily. Hopefully unhurt.

Stuart - Thanks for the info on COG and SOG.


Patron of Sheffield Institute Foundation said...

Dear MJ,
Thank you for those kind words,
I would not want anyone or their family's to go through the perils of the horrors of MND, ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) or La Maladie de Charcot, depending on where you are in the world;whatever it is called,it all spells misery.
So it is important that we raise the funds to help find the Cure.
Thanks Stuart