Saturday, May 8, 2010

Let's Get Going

The dawn broke this morning with us having been ravished by sandflies all night. I for one was keen to be at sea again. Our Dr Moreau Island had been amazing and yielded fruit and shelter when we really needed it, but after yesterday's working bee we were ready for the next leg of our adventure. Last night we had feasted on a hand of ripe bananas that Ted found near our camp along with some plantains roasted in the fire. Welcome additions to our regular faire. 

As the tide moved gently up the coral sand beach this morning to free the stranded Bounty Boat, we beavered away to load and pack. A last wash was in order too. Work progresses slowly now and we are all lethargic from minimal food and water. We don't feel that hungry which is not what I expected. I have a sneaky suspicion that the survival biscuits that we are eating may have an appetite suppressant in them. I also suspect that the survival biscuit engineers anticipated constipation being an issue, as I did, but have countered this with such a high fibre biscuit that we are all firing regularly. Hats off to those cooks at Seven Seas Survival Biscuits.

The Bounty Boat came free from the beach's grip around midday and we hauled out to the anchor and set sail. Not so fast as the centreboard refused to move so we dropped the anchor again. Wilco went over the side to attack the problem from under the water while Ted hammered away from on deck. Persistence overcame the coral sand wedged in the casing and we were free again. We slung the anchor aboard and set sail again across Bligh Water. This large sheltered waterway between the two major islands of Fiji is like a giant inland lake as we gently make our way toward the Yasawa Islands under full sail. The trade winds have certainly backed off from the 30 knots when we arrived and puff away today at around 10 knots. Champagne sailing! Long may it last. Dave Pryce / Quilter


Toni McLean said...

Ah well, if I thought my prayers could have any influence with the weather gods I'd be praying that the champagne sailing continues! Unfortunately for you ...

Those bananas must have tasted so good ... a real treat ... probably as good as Jessica's chocolate!

How wonderful that you had a mostly happy sojourn on the island - sandflies excepted. And you were able to wash again - that would have been a treat!

Fingers crossed that the weather is still kind when you get past the Yasawas.


magpie said...

I love that you are "firing regularly" on all cylinders. Sounds like a well oiled squeaky machine.Cya☺

Anonymous said...

It's 22h30 in Montreal

I just checked their position and MAN they're headding straight towards a island!!

Bligh went just north of it!

Hope it's not night when they see it coming!

Eric Tessier