Saturday, May 15, 2010

Somebody Forgot To Turn the ?????

We have water big time..last night we had a monster dump so over an hour or so we were able to fill everything on board..we set off with 108ltrs of water and now we have nearly 200 it is free drinks all round..I worry about the 200kg of weight so we will drink up for awhile and then start rationing again...I had gone back to 1 ltr so I am very happy to drink heaps..we would get our ration in the morning at 6am so I would drink 600mls by 6pm and the rest during the night..funny thing is that now we have drinks we do not crave them and have instantly gone back to thinking of food!!

The other drama of course was that someone forgot to turn the tap off and it poured for about 12 hours..we all were drenched and inside the dodger also..I put my waterproof pants on when I got inside to sleep and that is the first time for the trip..fortunately we had a few hours to dry out today before another major rain dump and squall with 30kts of wind then nothing and swinging all round the compass again a mixed bag for our chances of catching Bligh..he is moving away from us again but we did get some good sailing in Heaps of Gybes and sail changes, getting wet in the rain then burnt in the sun?.

I have hit my little toe again a few times..poor little fella sticks out on his own and catches everything! My knee gash has finally healed but my beard is the big deal for me..the others shaved there heads before the start and now cannot grow a beard?..mine has gone very bushy but have no mirror..just itching a bit..

Our dick sticks are showing up some interesting things..much to Dave W concern he is the first to show Keytones so he is using up muscle..he thinks he has lost 4kg..I recon I am at least that too...we are all surprisingly happy with the amount of food we are getting ..I think it is because we are not using up energy..Dave Pryce recons he is putting on weight as he gets everyone's left overs..we all get plenty of sleep and are sticking with watches 6 hours on and six hours off during the day and 4 on and 4 off during the night.The two davs are together and I am with Chris.

I am really excited about not having to stop in Vanuatu for water so this is our world at the moment..the boat has become bigger as I knew it would. We all have our space and know the routine but I have to say it is all a bit too comfortable at the moment..we are managing to keep our living spaces reasonably well organized and dry..I know it will get tougher in the days ahead..we are not into the trades yet which I expect will kick in after Vanuatu..right now there are thunder storms all around so could be a busy of the squalls today was a white out with I recon up to 40kts of wind and just missed us by about half a mile!!

Great to see Jessica safely home ..I am looking forward to catching up when I get out of here..I can imagine the food and showers she is about to have.

So we have about a month ..or so?? to go..all is happy..ARE YOU READY ?? for the Talisker Bounty Boat Challenge tomorrow??..every Dollar, Pound counts so please have some fun and give generously..THANKS...Don


Demmi said...

I hope you guys are doing well :)
Jessica's day was absolutely amazing.I got to meet Samurai, she is so lovely as were the other bloggers I met from Jess's site.It has been such a rush.
I guess you guys could do with a food variation :)
Perhaps Jessica can airdrop the remainder of her rations! LOL
Anyway guys , I hope you all arrive safe and well and finish safely.

Anonymous said...

Hey Don, I'm really enjoying your blog and it's facinating to see how your voyage is playing out. Curious to know how the navigation is going with just the basic equipment? Hope you sort out the electrics soon. Best, Ged

Anonymous said...

OMG which means Oh my God in youngspeak - don;t mean to detract from Don and the boys today but watching Jess was awesome...Mike Perham was just amazing for a bloke his was jesse Martin...........I am so impressed with these young guys and pretty much astounded!!! Great conversationalists and showed Jess so much respect.............I am gobsmacked........bye MJ

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear no major drama's besides your little toe not wanting to play the game........... Don;t mean to detract from you guys but "yes" Jess came home today........Wow I was impressed with both Jesse Martin and in particular Mike Perham - for an 18 year old his wisdom is going on for a fifty year old!! What a nice pair of guys to watch and see assist Jesica into the mooring........what proud parents they were and who could blame them...still have some knockers but that's good old Aus!!! Makes my blood boil but I am doing anger management here A week ago I would have called them a absolute pack of wankers but this week I will just not call them any names!! Bloody hell I am making progress!! Take care all. MJ from Brisbane

Anonymous said...

OK now Miss Jessica Watson is home we need to get all the focus on this webeite ................please do your best guys as in referrals etc...............MJ

Anonymous said...

We were at the Touliki Navy Base at Nuku'alofa Tonga for your launch and you kindly let the kids onboard to experience just a little of your adventure. We are happy to see you have made it so far safely, hang in there
Jodie, Emily and Dylan Quirke