Monday, May 3, 2010

Up The Mizzen-Surfing to Fiji! @ Night

It has been a mixed bag today as we prepare for a night of strong winds.We had a taste last night of sailing in the dark without moon or torches and I have to tell you I did not like it. The stars were blocked by cloud so it was quite challenging in 18kts of wind.WE JUST HAD THE BIGGEST WAVE COME IN TO THE COCKPIT AS I WRITE THIS....WE WERE SURFING AT ABOUT 9KTS! Wind now 25kt SEs and 3.5mtr seas on the port quarter. We are planning a course change around midnight if the wind does not change directions but this will be a challenging night I reckon.

We have cut water back to 1.5 ltr, and realised our coconut balancing scales were a bit out and we have eaten too much for lunches so we will have half rations for a few days. Huge flying fish are all about and a few birds, blue sky with rain squalls about but none over the boat yet. We have had to pump out every 30 minutes today as water is coming into the cockpit so we are thinking for the first time it is a long way to Timor.

Today I had a vision for the first time of Bligh and his men in their boat in this same place - not a vision that I saw, more a case of actually thinking of the men and the boat in living colour, what they would have looked like etc. It was really strange but very interesting. Bligh talks of the cold often and it is getting cool now so it is wet weather gear at night and full harnesses. I have to admit that we have been so busy that we have not got rid of our modern watches and set up the pocket watches which is happening as we speak. It is amazing that so much is going on or we just want to sleep. There has been plenty of that which is a good way to go into strong weather if that is what lies ahead. I feel good about the food. I am not weak and inf act have 4 biscuits in reserve not eaten yet! Never thought that would happen...

I am happy to report that all the crew have now christened the toilet and no real complaints other than when Chris went. We were sailing so fast that he scooped about five gallons of water into the cockpit and drowned his clothes of course.  So far our gear is reasonably salt free but we all know it is only a matter of time before everything is wet and salty...may that day be long into the future. The biggest discussion at the moment is the reefs that we know lay ahead and how the hell Bligh got through. We are thinking of slowing up during the night and going flat our during the day so we can see..that will all be happening in a few days.

It has begun but we are all feeling a little ????? what is up ahead as we are having fun at the moment. There is a saying that you eventually have to pay the Piper! We all have plenty on our minds but for now it is all fun and anticipation. I am off to climb the mizzen mast as the nav light is wobbling around for some reason. The big danger for tonight is getting hit by one of the huge 30cm flying fish that are zipping airborne all around the boat - that would hurt....Don


Peg Leg Pete said...

Glenn your easily lost?

It's to be hopped that the TBB Crew are not like you? Full Stop.
from Peg Leg Pete

Patron of Sheffield Institute Foundation said...

Dear Glenn,
There is "Clitch" on the webpage re displaying the articles as written, the webpage has a mind of it's own,but we are working on it.
Thanks Stuart

May 3, 2010 7:48 PM

magpie said...

Hi Crew and co.
"no real complaints other than when Chris went." You shoulda stopped it there, lol. Toodles.♫☺♫

Bob from Seattle said...

Dodging reefs and flying fish....sounds like you are having a great time so far. Challenges ahead. Are the night watches lonely? What do you do, stare ahead sweeping back and forth with your eyes looking for reefs? That must get monotonous. Hope the watchman doesn't fall asleep.

Hannah McKeand said...

Hello me hearties!
Soooo excited to be following TBB at last. Sorry I missed speaking to you before you left, been in the wilds the last couple of months. Back now though and will be following every day. Please be careful through those reefs and be sure to to eat those flying fish if you get them. One hit me in the head sailing down to Brazil but he didn't look so smug on a plate the next morning. Really boney, but pretty tasty! Love you so much my favourite pirates. Kisses all round.

Anonymous said...

It would have seemed weird to see it as they did in color as nothing would have changed out there.

Have fun guys!


Anonymous said...

@Magpie - I'm with you - the details of the water going up his back I coulda done without cos was about to eat Shelved that plan for a little while!!
@Stuart - I realise you have glitches with the website but really feel it is neither here nor there whether there are paragraphs or not - not really life threatening!! I just enjoy reading them and look forward to them as I am sure most will. You, Stu, as well as the boys are doing a top job and hope you raise #$%^loads of dollars..........Stay safe guys, have lots of laughs and stay sane!! MJ

Patron of Sheffield Institute Foundation said...

and Cheers Stuart