Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another kidney Stone Attack!..........Aaaaargh!

At 0900 this morning it started all over again but faster and much more intense on my right side..another stone on the move...I could not believe it..everyone was at the ready knowing what to do and expect...by 10.30 when the pain was at about 4 out of 10 I had a pee and got rid of two small grains again and the pain was gone..unreal..how lucky was I!!..Margie was convinced all along that they were only small stones that were on the Cat Scan before I left Hobart so all was good..very unusual though to have two like that together..

So do you think I was surprised when 90 minutes later I passed a HUGE 4mm stone!!..Consider me lucky..the first one I had that sent me to hospital in a bad way some years ago was only 3.2mm....YES my stone collection on board is growing..what a fine specimen!!..That one could/should have blocked..Lucky day..

Hopefully that is the end of it all now and I can start thinking of Restoration Island..Progress is very slow at the moment as we drift along in the blue at 2kts..last night was better with steady 20kt winds and two ships coming very close.. so we were all very happy..today the heat has been getting to everyone ..

When Bligh arrived at Restoration Island he cooked up 13ltrs of stew for the crew ..Birds ,Palm hearts,Plant roots,berries they called peas and that really made all feel good...he did that a few times sailing north in the reef, taking Clams and anything they could find..We cannot kill the birds,or the palms or the clams so we have organized to have two chickens,three cabbages,6 potatoes and some dried peas waiting on Restoration Island to make OUR version of Bligh's stew...all on board are excited about that but today it all got a bit messy..

Dave W has wanted it to be Barbecued..but I have always made it clear..or thought I had, that it will be stewed to save all the fat and goodness as this is survival food ..to barbecue it in a fire will loose all sorts of goodness...we did joke around a few days ago about him Barbecuing his own leg but we joke about plenty of the emergency food too like the tins of fruit salad...but we cannot touch that...so apparently Dave has been thinking about his Barbie chicken leg lately...He Hates Boiled Chicken...and when I mentioned again that it will be Boiled he took offense and said I was a hypocrite and that I was moving the goal posts and this whole expedition was a waste of a lot of money! Food seems to be driving most of Dave's discontent I thin at the moment..none of us are perfect ..but no one else on board could confirm what Dave thought I said..I apologized if I had miss-lead him or made him misunderstand me for some reason, but no response so we will have to wait and see..Dave hates the corned beef and reminded me of that in strong terms today again ( but that comes up often) and he has now vowed not to eat the boiled chicken...I hope he does as this is not meant to be a food cruise..what would Bligh think.

Restoration Island is going to be strange..David Glasson lives on the Island now and we are expecting our camera boat there with Stu on board plus a 60 minutes TV film crew and maybe some news reporters. Dick Smith ( Sponsor)may be flying up for the day and he is bringing Roul and Marketa from our crisis management team in Hobart..Marketa is a doctor and will be giving us all a major medical..on top of all this Dave may be inviting some of his local friends over to the island to meet us and have a party with crayfish and prawns etc..this will be tough as we will not be able to touch any of it..( Dave W thought that was bad and we should not allow the Party).but that is cool...we are guests on Restoration Island thanks to Dave so we will go with the flow and have our worlds shattered..in a nice way..for one day and two nights..with all that food around I just hope Dave W gets back on board when we leave..he is a total pleasure to have on board ,always makes us laugh and often looks at things from the other side which is great

Bligh had trouble on Restoration Island too..half the crew wanted to stay..the other half wanted to get to Kupang as soon as possible..?

Another day another milestone..less than a Sydney Hobart race to go to Restoration Island at the moment!! it is great out here right now....Don



Anonymous said...

You are a shit stirrer Mr McIntyre.......but funny. Lambs tongues are dry retching stuff as you know...........good luck you boys.....we are proud of you. x0

Anonymous said...

You are a (Censored) stirrer Mr McIntyre.......but funny. Lambs tongues are dry retching stuff as you know...........good luck you boys.....we are proud of you. x0

Reine said...

Seems like the only part of the original plan Don is sticking too is the food. Blighs crew had pork, (why was lambs tongues chosen?)Can see why Dave may think of Don as a hypocrite because Don gets extra water, food (lambs tongues to himself instead of just HIS portion--Bligh did not do that), but will not even allow part of a chicken to be roasted/grilled instead of boiled. Plus calling Margie so often, using GPS, (Is Don doing Dead Reckoning in his head? Do not think so.), using modern watches...but by all means do NOT grill part of the chicken! Absurd...

Anonymous said...

That's cool Stu! Glad the bird lived!

Lambs toungs, Yuk... I spose they tastes just like chicken. What happened with the baked beans?

Hope you eat all your boiled chicken Dave to fill you up and get your mind off all them prawns and crays.

mmmmm craayyy Fiishhhhhh. Arrgggggle gargle gargle.

Stop having kidney stones Don!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Chris! Your going great guns. Maybe keeping the old blokes from acting like baby's. Not hearing complaints from you!

You stay classy!

Anonymous said...

Oh surely Dave Glasson won't go ahead with the party with prawns and crays while the boys are there........that would just be torture (and probably the final straw for Dave W) hope he holds off with the feast until they depart!! I reckon with what they have been eating that chicken stew with spuds and peas in it etc sounds just awesome. Maybe we need to send some Chicken Gravox up to add to it though!! And sweet potatoe, and leeks, and onions, and sweet corn, and vegemite for flavour, and flour to thicken, and.........!!!

Deb Duggan said...

Hang in there Don! Nick can relate to the time he thought he had kidney stones on Huey (ended up being one donation of appendix in Tahiti..) Not fun at all. I love reading your blog everyday, and even Adelie is very interested in what you are up to..but she does say yuck to lambs tongues!..Thinking of you and we are very proud to know you. Deb, Nick, Adelie and Stella x

Anonymous said...

Come on Dave W; you can make this trip to the end; remind yourself why you joined in the first place; it wasn't to give up at Restoration Island. Your family are hugely proud of you; your business will survive;now just focus on the end goal! and try to cope with Dave's [Quilty] limited song repertoire! Bit concerned about your health Don; oh well; Dave P fancies himself as a bit of a vet, you'll be Ok! Take care