Tuesday, May 11, 2010


We need your help! 

We are starting to do it tough here at the moment.  Still no rain, 436 sandfly bites on my left leg below the knee  - yes I counted them and I have two legs and the rest of my body so estimate that I have around 1200 bites. Really hot today so very uncomfortable in the dodger and only drifting along at 1-3 kts most of the day.  So really chasing Bligh again and the biggest thing on my mind today is our JustGiving site raising money for SIF!  I hear we have some donations coming in but how would you like to live part of this voyage and help SIF at the same time?

We get two small biscuits for breakfast, 50 grams nuts and 50grams dried fruit for lunch, two small biscuits and 85grams of tinned corned beef for dinner.  If you want to help us and SIF we are going to make this Sunday 16th May TALISKER BOUNTY BOAT "Challenge" day. We want you to only eat the same as us on that day and only drink one litre of water for the whole day and if you really want to be keen you could try going without toilet paper too!!  Then we want you to work out how much money you saved on food that day and donate that amount of money to SIF on our JustGiving site. You can all make silly comments with the donation.  I will read every one when I get back and be very grateful for your help. Why not ask all your friends over for the day.  Feed them Bounty rations, remove the toilet paper and have some fun then get onto the JustGiving site...PLEASE?

We may do this again one more time during the expedition so I really hope this works.  You may only end up donating five pounds but that would be great!! And it will make us feel good about going without on the boat here. Tell all your friends to tell all there friends...I dare you...THANKS!!..More later but have some fun with this and think of all the people you will be helping.

Last night we drifted around in the dark..all slow and today it got so hot I decided it was time for a swim. The best thing I have done in ages.  It was really cool.  Took some interesting shots and did not want to get out. The others followed. We are really chasing Bligh now so hope we catch him. No sign of rain which is a worry.  We are down to 60 litres of water now and I really hesitate giving out less than a litre. You have no idea how much I dream of drinks each hour. I only eat one of my biscuits in the morning and evening. Still can't face them. We have dried some of the mackerel which looks good so get that tonight.

Big drama for the day is a problem with our solar panels. Can't work it out but only getting about 20% charging so will pull the system apart again tomorrow. Power is very important for all our comms so fingers crossed.

How exciting to think of Jessica Watson getting home on Sunday!!  She is an amazing little lady. Wish I was there in a way but it is pretty cool out here too. Just that it is taking so long to get moving again.  I think we were just very spoilt with our high speeds to Fiji.

As I write the sun is setting with little fluffy clouds about, the wind 10kts from the NE and there is a long 2-3mtr ground swell with a calm sea rolling in from the south and the north so when you are on the top the wind picks up but no wind in the troughs. The wind is dying slowly as it always does at dusk and dawn but there are no rain clouds around at all!!..BUMMER!

Last night we passed a small boat.  We have been dreaming of meeting another all day and maybe he can pass us over a few cans of soft drink. Bligh would be OK with that!!

PLEASE HELP US! Thanks so much...all the best from a happy but thirsty ship...Don


Ian said...


Very much like the idea of the Challenge day. Think I'll take my little 3M boat out on the Danube with your rations and try and tough it out. Will be sending some funds whatever the outcome!!

All the best mate


Toni McLean said...

What a good idea, Don! But if we cheat a bit can we still donate what we would have saved if we didn't cheat, or would that be tainted money?! :-)

Life really must be boring when you have time to count all the sandfly bites, especially if you lost count part way through and had to start again.

I know something of drifting round in circles windless - once when cruising up the east coast of Oz, I went below for a bit but didn't lash the helm as the yacht normally sailed itself quite well if sails were properly set. Well, when I went below Oz was to port, and when I came up again Oz was to starboard - and I hadn't been below that long! Of course, I had recourse to an engine to help us 'tack' without any wind.

I'm sure we'll all keep fingers crossed for rain and water for you.

I normally say stay safe and dry, but if a swim is a good idea, then just stay safe.


Lanna said...

Sandfly recipe we used here in the outback after the recent floods - worked well on horses and dogs too. Stops the itching straight away. Try mixing up a brew of dettol, baby oil and methylated spirits. You might have to substitute some or all of the ingredients - surely your first aid kit could supply some of your needs? Maybe cooking oil, disinfectant of some description and not sure of a metho substitute. Good luck blokes, all things considered you sound as if you're having an absolutely mighty time. And yes, I'll organise a few friends for starvation rations on Sunday. Shouldn't be too hard after we hit the pink champagne in honour of Jessica's homecoming on Saturday!

Profpaul said...

MetVuw is forecasting some light rain showers tomorrow (Wednesday, clearer on Thursday and possible heavy rain on Friday in the waters between Fiji and Vanuatu. Hope it comes as predicted. Be ready to rig fast for collection if its only light stuff!

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Anonymous said...


Don, Quilter, Dave W and Chris,

We are enjoying hearing from all the crew members!

Lack of food and water, having sandfly bites, dealing with crotch rot, strong smells ... truly sounds like the pits.

But as you say "The biggest thing on my mind today is our JustGiving site raising money for SIF" ... "You may only end up donating five pounds but that would be great!!" ... "think of all the people you will be helping."


To everyone else reading this blog,

As Don said, the crew are raising funds for the Sheffield Institute Foundation for Motor Neurone Disease (SIF), which is building the world’s first research Institute into Motor Neurone Disease (MND), Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

If you haven't already, make sure you read about Motor Neurone Disease and the people that you'll be helping here: http://www.bountyboat.com/sif

Then donate here: http://www.justgiving.com/bountyboatadventure


Anonymous said...

Tough it out lads. I hope another mackerel is delivered to your doorstep and I will do my sandfly dance to bring some rain.

Yes, please urge all your friends, family and others to follow this historic voyage and donate to SIF. Motor Neurone is horrific and hopefully the fine folks at SIF can sort find a cure.

Bill and Jack Moorhead said...

Hang in there boys......How are you Dave (remember Bill and Jack Moorhead from the Blizzard a few weeks ago!).....It'll rain and you'll get fair winds soon. Dave, if you can mention Jack to Don also...Hopefully he'll be the youngest to sail to HIMI on Scooty's Convergence later in the year...Heard Don on Qld ABC radio yesterday also....You'll make it!
Bill and Jack