Sunday, May 2, 2010

"Leaving Tofua after 27 years of Planning"

At Dawn tomrrow we are off! it has been a long time coming and we are humbled by the number of people following this Adventure..thanks for all the emails and messages of good luck..I feel like you are wishing Bligh good luck too. It is starting to get very spooky knowing that Bligh really was here just 221 years ago..that is not long when you think about it!

We moved anchorage again today as the wind shifted to the SE, did a few jobs for final preperation, stock takes of water and food, safety gear checks and looked at what lay ahead. Everyone has differing emotions, I just want to get going now as do all the others, but to my surprise Dave Wilkinson confided that yesterday he was having some seriously mixed emotions about the whole trip..but now was ready to go, He was not worried about any one thing , just a realization of the magnitude of what we are all about to do and how tough it will be.Standing an anchor watch all last night we were uncomfortable trying to sleep, there is not much room. Dave thought the water was making him sick, then he felt the food was making him sick. He had headaches which he conceeded could be caffine withdrawls so he was not having fun. At 2.30 this morning I found him filling his water bottle when he should not have been.We are on strict rations . It was a missunderstanding as he did not pick up that we are only filling at 6am and 6 pm with Chris incharge of filling.

It was really good to talk with Dave about his whole rollercoaster of emotions. He is a straight talke. I like that. He said he could have killed someone would never have guessed it. Quilter and I were really surprised.

So we have the most amazing crew...Quilter/Dave Pryce my mate who can do anything, Chris who has taken on huge responsibilities and all the ribbing you can give a cabin boy!! and is as strong and committed as any of us...and Dave Wilkinson the perfect Gentleman who keeps us laughing with his one liners..and ME! can decide...Something will happen in the next seven weeks and I really have no way to suggest what...I just know it will.

For me this started 27 years I am dreaming of the finish...Don


Patron of Sheffield Institute Foundation said...

By coincidence my daughter Danielle has just come in to inform me that the film "Mutiny on the Bounty is being shown on Channel 5 now,
It's the one that captain Bligh is played by Trevor Howard
and as I watch it, the scene is where one of the crew has been caught drinking sea water.
Cheers Stuart

Anonymous said...

Great post - jeez someone has big knee's! Well I have to go to bed - just bought one of those comfy mattress liners you get from pillow talk - you know it is about 6 inches thick of feathery down - you just put it on your mattresss then lose yourself in it - didnt think my cat could smile but sewar to god when he gets on my bed now he grins - you lie down on it and it just swallows you up - it is just heaven on earth. Biggest chore is gonna be moving round the bed each night so I don't flatten one spot...........Gotta keep it all like sleeping on a cotton wool cloud..........anyway how you guys going???? lol MJ from Brisbane

Anonymous said...

Aw dam just had to reposition the cat cos he was getting swallowed up in the comfy bed and nearly couldn't find him!!Off to have a nice cold drink out of the fridge and a late night snack (leftover pasta made from fresh chicken and asparagus) and then off to sleep. I'm feeling like my Iron intake has been a bit down so am thinking tomorrow night I might have some nice eye fillet steak with Mushrooms - some kind of creamy sauce - bit of fresh salad etd............maybe some chips...........Hmmmmmmmmm night guys. I do admire what you are doing - and will be thinking of you if my sleep gets disturbed - God forbid!!! MJ

Ehvee said...

In a way it was good that you've had a few days near shore to make the final emotional adjustments. Frankly, I suggest you learn to sing.. as a group... regardless of how bad it might sound. The military knows that chanting and singing can bridge many gaps between people under stress. It may sound stupid, but the moment could come when having a group activity thats non-threatening will give someone a chance to chill and remember who their friends are.

Don't overdo the teasing of Chris.. a person can only handle so much regardless of how well they appear to let it roll off. He hears and remembers whats said and teasing is like snow... it accumulates.

Respect is like snow too... it also accumulates. But, respect is snow in the dead of summer so unless its constantly renewed, it quickly melts off and exposes the things that are sensitive inside. Be sure to make conscious efforts to be mutually respectful.

I'll be hgere with you multiple times a day.. anxious to read every post. I wish you all the best and a quick and safe voyage with just enough rain that you have plenty to drink without any really bad waves.

magpie said...

Hi Crew,
@Stuart, its all goes a bit spooky when things like that happen. Kwinkydinks?
@anonymous keep it up, I don't care if that silly bloke with a stuft parrot on his shoulder reckons the crew won't be reading these for a while, ☺, ♫ toodles ♫.