Wednesday, May 5, 2010

First Knockdown-First Injury

We just had our first knockdown about an hour ago. TBB was full of water with three crew bailing and one on the helm. We are still in gale conditions with 5-6 metre seas and 35 knots wind from the south east. I have dislocated my little toe during the knockdown - now OK but swollen and bruised. 

We are needing to bail every 5-10 minutes as the waves continue to break in the cockpit. The watertight bulkhead is holding and morale on board is chipper! It was a tough night with heavy weather, pitch black and we had two close calls with reefs. We surfed at 15-20 knots between two reefs. The seas are bigger than they should be and we are all thinking there must be a weather system out there which is stirring up the sea state. We’ll continue on. 

The Talisker Bounty Boat is a great boat and handling the conditions really well. We're heading due north to hopefully anchor in a sheltered position  - if we can’t we will continue through Bligh's passage.


Pam French said...

Hey Don

Been following your progress every couple of days. Looks like things are interesting at the moment! Good luck with rest of the trip. Will keep your Mum up to date with what's happening.

Cousin Pam

Mike said...

How's the water temperature?
Hope you're all getting enough rest. God Speed.

Anonymous said...

I was watching their progession yesterday and I worried as I saw them getting closer to islands.

I was surprised to see them steering north while continuing on south of Fiji seemed to be a faster route. But I guess they're really trying to follow Bligh's route.

I was surprised too as they seem to be going faster than Bligh (I am comparing day to day their progress to Bligh's). Maybe the size of their boat, smaller than Bligh's, has something to do with it?

I think on of the biggest hurdle seem to be the human factor. From what I feel reading their blog, tension seems to be rising easily between the men. Hope they manage that part of the trip well.

I wish again to all the best of success. This is a crazy adventure. Never seen anything like it.


Eric Tessier
film director
Montreal, Canada

Anonymous said...

OK you guys are just definitely getting out into the rough of it - hope you are ok and stay hooked on and safe. Unbelieveable crap going on in Australia with doubt getting cast over Jesses record - tall poppy syndrome is alive and well - I hope to god it does not bother her - she is still getting heaps and heaps of support from people that understand what she has done.........Anyway guys,stop getting knocked down - that's just says she from the loungeroom....Sincerely though - stay safe - you guys are amazing - am thinking of you all. Cheers MJ

Anonymous said...

Also really sad to see that someone (that is the World Sailing something or rather magazine) are trying to steal Jesse's glory; Some woman - Nancy nobody is saying she hasn't gone this distance - please guys all kick in your support to deal with this Tall Poppy Syndrome rubbish - Don provided her with Ella's Pink Lady and despite what anyone says - she has circumnavigated the world singlehandedly.............We have to keep these Bounty boat boys in our thoughts but also Jesse who is just coming up the East Coast of Aus on her epic journey..........Sailing magazine - whatever you are - go away and paddle round your pool. Your opinion is worthless. Go Jesse - we love ya!! MJ

Anonymous said...

Sounds an exciting trip at the moment!! Good luck and be safe.

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johnboi said...

wow, will be thinking of you all tonight. Stay safe.

Toni McLean said...

Hi guys,
Sounds pretty hairy out there. Hope you do all manage to stay chipper, as you say, in these testing times. And hope you have plenty of bailers in case some get washed overboard.

Don't know how you're doing it, but whatever it takes keep it up, and keep supporting one another.


Bob from Seattle said...

Bail Bail Bail ... By the time you reach Timor, you guys are going to be the experts of the experts at bailing out a boat. Remember to change positions often, using right hand then left hand. Best to do it 50/50. Builds strong even back muscles.

Anonymous said...

I know you are using blog posts for post Expedition projects ... Think you should make it clear up front (on the green right nav frame) that the crew can't read the comments and messages of support. It makes it clear they are going as close to Bligh as possible and their psychological state isn't impacted by letters from home.

I also know they are hand writing a log on board every hour. I wish all crew members would write more here. It is great seeing things from four different people's perspectives. Though I guess bailing duties come first!!!

Tonga Visitors Bureau (Ministry of Tourism) said...

See pictures of the crew's visit to Tofua - a volcano in the Ha'apai island group in the Kingdom of Tonga:

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