Thursday, May 13, 2010

Getting Hot and Going Nowhere

Tonight there is a lot of water about and not possible to write the blog and this message was phoned through.
Everyone is well onboard. It’s been a stinking hot,  dull day. At 5pm a front came through and the  wind changed direction from a north easterly to a south easterly. It rained for an hour which allowed us to catch 32 litres of water. It’s great to have a bit of water and a freshwater shower! Now we are sailing again at 5knots. I  drank three litres of water yesterday and  managed to get rid of the gout  in my foot. We still have an electrical problem which is puzzling us so trying to conserve power....Don


Dr Peg Leg Pete said...

Just as a matter of interest,

Regarding all the crews "Bites and Soars."

I have been reliably informed that if they expose themselves to "Fresh Human Urine" this helps as a medication!

I am sure that they already know this?

But just in case they don't, I thought that I would let you all know my privileged information.

Queenslander said...

@ Stuart... re tracker...

The first couple of times this came up:

This web site needs a different Google Maps API key. A new key can be generated at

I just tried again (using the link from the menu at the top of the page. I think my previous attempts used links from other parts of the page/site)... this time a cookie request was generated... I allowed it and now have the Google chart... thanks.


Profpaul said...

MetVUW is now forecasting a vast rainstorm with 20+cm per hour lasting from about 24-36 hour. Its a huge area over most of the sea between fiji and Vanuatu. I think maybe they are going to get wetter than they want. They will be able to top up to the brim.

Anonymous said...

Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink - at last you have some rain!
And the advise about the 'fresh human urine' - it works! I have tried it!
Jenny Wyatt

Toni McLean said...

Fantastic news about the water ... and the gout! and the breeze with the front! Bobbing around is no fun, especially in a boat the size of yours.

Electrical problems are something Bligh didn't have to deal with, so he was lucky that way! And he didn't have to worry about writing a blog either! He had it easy in fact. :-)

Hope everyone is smelling a little fresher now and feeling less grumpy.


Vernia Bullivant said...

Hi Don,

Just packing .. heading to Broome via Perth tomorrow to meet up with Orion - yet again!! I will be following your movements with interest .. I'll pile up a plate of goodies from the buffet for you while I'm there!! I just comprehend how you can swap from the luxury of Orion to the hardships of the Bounty Boat. You are all amazing .. and I salute you from my deck-chair beside the spa!! Good luck to all,
"Smilie" from the Antarctic trip!!