Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Wierd?..... Counting the Day's"

Only about 800 miles to go and we are all distracted by the prospect of finishing this trip...it is really weird and personalty I try not to think about it and stay focused about this little boat on a Very Big Ocean..we have been surfing a bit today coming off the backs of some random 4mtr seas..most are about 3mtr but all of a sudden we can drop into these holes..I have been steering most afternoon and there have been some good ones..the sun is shinning with about 25kts wind and it is warm so pretty ideal for making miles...everyone keeps working out the ETA based on our fastest speeds but I recon it will still be the 17th??

I have been thinking of cutting out our free lunch from tomorrow...really splitting Bligh s rations by four has been quite easy...we are not starving..Hungry yes and Dave W only eats the free lunch and biscuits..often missing the beef...Chris is all for starving us all this last week just to put some pressure on us and get the feel for what Bligh really went through...if I did it I will get accused of playing mind games but I will sleep on it...It was always a free lunch as it was not part of the Bligh total food...we worried in Sydney that we just could not survive on four biscuits a day...now I am not sure??...lunch is only a few nuts and dried fruit..less than 100 grams but it will be interesting to take that away and see how people think...stay tuned!!!

Could not get a noon sight off today as we had clouds so we are hoping to be clear of Cape Wessel..we know it has a light house on it but we will be in the area at about midnight..we have no idea of currents though are quite suspicious as the sea is really strange at times and we know it is shallow...

Last night was just one of those nights you will remember forever..a sailors dream..fast dry sailing with total clear sky and all the stars above..the Milky way was BOOMING! it was awesome and we had constant falling stars..I kept reminding Chris to pinch himself as it is a long way from the UK but he knows that...

Everything is changing on board..we can smell the finish and there is no looking back..Tonga just seems like a long time ago..today was very pleasant in every-way..even Dave and Dave both got heaps of sleep so lots of Chatter going on at the moment as we eat our tinned Beef..life is still good!!

Tonight promises to be another OK experience as the gurgling and surging of water rushes down the hull a constant reminder of miles ticking by...

I still can't believe I have not opened my bag for weeks..still in the same shirt and shorts...I use my jacket as a pillow in the cockpit when on the helm and for my head under the dodger when sleeping..sometimes I put it on for rain or spray but very rarely...when I made the decision to not use Musto and go normal jackets Mike Perham really was worried..I had real trouble trying to explain how the tropics would work...and I did not tell the crew before but the Jackets I bought are not even water proof..just rain water repellent...just for the challenge..they look the part and are heaps better than Bligh had...so no complaints from any of the crew on that...we all love our jackets but what will they say if I decide ...No more Lunches!!!..could get interesting here soon...!!!

The more I think about it the more Monty Python it is .....I like that...

Maybe Dave will want his Hamburger on the beach then..anyway Chris, Dave P and I have all decided that we will eat it so if someone is putting the order together...go the Hamburger too!!!...and Chris just wanted to remind everyone about the girls!!! yes that is with an S...Plural!!

I think we can get by without the free Lunch!!..let you know tomorrow!!! ...Don


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Susan Marshall said,
"Congratulations on even attempting this amazing feat. Good luck with the remainder of the voyage. Susie" Donation by Susanna Marshall 25/05/10
Barry Duncan just sent his money.
Donation by Barry Duncan 26/05/10
Jenny Crowther said
"This is for Dave W. I thought you were being a little irresponsible in the beginning but having got this far you must not give in now! Good Luck All." Donation by Jenny Crowther 27/05/10
Elisabeth Neyens said
"Sophie has told us all about your incredible expedition and here's wishing you much luck and all the best for the remaining leg of your journey!"
Donation by Elisabeth Neyens 31/05/10
Sue Stubenvoll said
"Great sailing, guys. What a terrific achievement to get here. At least it'swarm for you. It's b...... freezing here. So here's to a cold drink later."
Donation by Sue Stubenvoll 02/06/10
Scott Harrison said
"Great effort. Well done."
Donation by Scott Harrison 04/06/10
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Mike said...

Good one guys. Fantastic progress. Fair winds, calm seas and God speed to you all.

JiffyLube said...

You guys are doing great hanging in there for this last leg of the trip. I have one question though. What's with this 'lets see how little food we can eat' thing that you are entertaining? If you really wanted to do an actual recreation, you would be suffering a heck of a lot more that you are now...but what's the point in suffering unless you're a glutton for punishment.

magpie said...

"still in the same shirt and shorts..." At least Mike Perham's there in spirit. He's had the same pair on from Jessica's Sydney welcome to Mooloolaba's welcome on Sundy.
☺☺☺ Hoo Roo ☺☺☺

Tonga Visitors Bureau (Ministry of Tourism) said...

Tonga may seem like so long ago for you ... but we've been thinking of you the whole time!

Safe travels to Kupang.

'Ofa atu,
Tonga Visitors Bureau (Ministry of Tourism)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha That's funny Magpie!

dave hanna said...

dave said
you guys are flying, its like the boat wants to get there as much as you do. You must be enjoying the speedy passage you are making, i imagine theres know time for anything else except keeping the boat on an even keel. keep it up nearly there
dave and juls raglan

Anonymous said...

OMG Don - you must be very smelly by now??!! Not opened your bag?? Bet Margie can't wait to see you - NOT!! Mind you, looking at the glass half full - at least she has no washing to catch up on!

Good to hear Chris is still focused on chicky babes - and maybe after this expedition he should surely be able to pull a few you would think??

If not, then he has issues he needs to sort out!! lol

Hope they are swarming on him when you land and hope Dave W get's his hamburger - he deserves it! Take Care. MJ

Anonymous said...

Happy smelling guys!

I mean sailing, happy sailing guys!

Reine said...

Once again, glad all is doing well and Don is trying to CREATE drama once again by taking away food...what is the point really?