Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just Awesome.......!

My last blog was pretty weak I must admit. My bad if it came off really whiny, you've got to understand that I was just using it as a means to vent so as to avoid creating unnecessary conflicts in our little home away from home. But now I hope all that business is way behind us.

This last week has really made the expedition for me. The sights - Restoration, the reef, the coast, the cape, the cays - incredible. The people we met on Restoration, as well as those we met in Tonga, it was just an amazing experience to hear their rich and interesting and diverse stories. The food! Ah, huge crayfish tails, plenty of chicken stew (I had five portions...both nights) and freeze-dried meals that were a real tasty change from ship's biscuits.

What has struck me is the great consequence seemingly unimportant decisions have had. Our choice to stop at the Cay the other day, which led to a great meal and Dave W's apology. What if we had just continued on in search of a coastal anchorage? Would he still have got up and apologized? Would the crew still be in the same high morale? The same goes for a lot of things, one tiny decision changing everything. I could have never looked at the paper on that fateful April afternoon, never read that article calling for crew members. Then where would I be? Talk about chaos theory...

By far, the best thing about this trip has been the people. Even if you stripped everything else away and just left me the opportunity to meet them all, I'd be more than content. Just hearing their stories has opened my eyes to lifestyles and ways of thinking that I'd always just brushed off in the past.

Another thing that has surprised me is just how friendly everyone has been! I mean, when we pulled up on the Cay, with the Cossack Pearl in anchor nearby, I just swam over to say hey and before I knew it they were so generously offering us a load of free crayfish. That's the sort of friendliness we've experienced right the way across from start to here, almost at the finish.

I feel so indebted to the other guys for their support all the way, especially Don, without him I'd still be sat at home daydreaming about things like this. Whereas now, there's a new excitement in the pit of my stomach as I'm just aching to get back and sort my life out.

Only ten days to go and we've all got smiles on our faces. Rejuvenated and with some incredible experiences under my belt, I'm all set for this last burst across the Arafura Sea to Kupang. In the words of Bruce, the skipper of Wild-card, "These boys have a back yard as far as the eye can see. And they don't even have to mow the back lawn."

Put simply, everything is just awesome.



Anonymous said...

Hey Chris - sounds like you are having a profoundly life changing experience!! How lucky are you!! Tonnes to learn for you with the three Old Farts life experiences and sounds like you are learning from them!! Good to hear you are all happy and best wishes for the next 10 days!! Crayfish..........yummmmmmmmm.....!!MJ

Anonymous said...

Wow Cris! Firstly, WHAT UP DOOOD? YO!

I can't see anyone complaining about you winging about what you said in your last post and what you say sais it all.

You're with a few good men who are obviously your friends. Men that will learn from you if you stay the course.

You're all in the same boat so don't cause any more friction by collecting souvenirs. The best way to collect souvenirs is in your memory and the best way to display them comes from your voice and and how you express things.

A mediator (skipper) may see the open fire, cray fish and true stories before you even notice the drift wood.

The open fires are where true stories come from. With great people the open fires are our class rooms, as is the open oceans.

You're in both worlds with the furthest thing from your mind being X box, a phone or face book, yet alone as you're self as one of a kind.

Hope you don't think about what you're gonna do in life too much when you get home as you are living the best life now and you need to make the most of it.

Every turn (Decision) you make will make a difference to your entire life. (The butterfly affect) (What if)?

It's what you make it mate and I hope we can fix this MND soon as that is why you are there!

I see the pelicans screaming their hearts out for their families and there covered in oil. I hate that and I'm crying.

I want MND sufferers and families to write in (Comment)and don't hold back. What you say is what our leaders will hear! (NOW, ON THIS BLOG)!

There is only so many commenting but there are so many more reading and listening. Don't treat this like a donating thing, but treat it like a petition.

I'd sure like to live a bit longer with the strength I have to breath. Imagine not being able to swallow and being faced with the choice of being put down with a perfect mind that doesn't want anyone in their family to suffer!

Please work harder now as the journey is short for the Balisker crew.

This blog needs to stay open even after they are home Stuart!


Patron of Sheffield Institute Foundation said...

Dave Hanna Said:
Dave said
hey Chris great blog, its great to sort out the (Censored), nothing works better than a team approach, crayfish sounded good. just the last bit to go. i haven't missed a blog, an awesome experience, and am envious. An invitation to oz Dave( and anyone else) , when u get to nz, come and see us in raglan for a bed.

Patron of Sheffield Institute Foundation said...

William Watson Said,
How come Dave Hanna can say (Censored) and I can't say (Censored)??? lol

Patron of Sheffield Institute Foundation said...

To William Watson,
Sorry for letting that one through,
I have corrected my mistake.Please forgive me,as I am only human, I think!
Your previous comment was fantastic Great Comment.
Cheers Stuart

Dan near Toronto said...

A nice post Chris...some great reflections.
All the best for this remaining leg.


Anonymous said...

That's ok Stu! You didn't say anything wrong to me! (That's my job to say stupid things) Good nite mate!

Anonymous said...

@William Watson - what can we do to help with the oil spill?? Those photo's of the Pelicans etc are just gut wrenching.....but not sure how us everyday people can help. MJ

Anonymous said...

Hey Stu - we know you are only human and very proud of you!! This has been a big task to take on - is understandable if at times you are 'borderline incompetent',,,,,,,,,,,god if nothing else through this blog I have learnt some spelling!!!! Kisses and Cuddles to our Moderators (that's Stu) family who have lost a beloved one through MND and are brave enough, and forthright enough to get behind this cause to raise some money for the NEXT set of victims which could be any of US...!! Hat's off to Stu and family...........xxoo MJ

Peg Leg Pete said...

Only Borderline?
Is that a complement?
Peg Leg Pete

Bruce + Juanita WIldcard said...

Hi Bountyboat men from the FV Wildcard anchored @ Seisia via Bamaga. What a delight for our Professional Fishing crew to meet the Bountyboat crew at Restoration Island last week + assist in your heroic re enactment of William Bligh's incrediable 4000 mile open sea voyage from Tonga to Kupang. And let's not forget who supplied those crayfish eh !!! Wishing you all well, thanks for the mention Chris, and give us a call when you have settled in if you come back to Aus. " GO THE BLUES" next Wednsday and tight lines. The Wildcard Gang.