Thursday, June 3, 2010

What a Difference A Day Makes ...........!

Dave welcomes Bounty on arrival.

Feet finally on the ground for two nights in Restoration Island, frankly, I do not know how Bligh left, or why.... This is the closest Ive been to heaven... Once we sailed into the reef I was completely silenced by its beauty, had I lived my life and never seen this part of the world, my life would have been an utter waste.... seriously.. the views are spectacular, the people remarkably Friend, I feel completely at peace with myself here and I could happily stay on Restoration Island with several good books for weeks to come. David Glasheen's hospitality has been a welcome gift after spending the last 30 days or so on Talisker Bounty Boat and the locals have been very supportive of our expedition. Last night I enjoyed so much the company and discussions with interesting people, such a refreshing change for all of the crew having spent 24 hrs a day for the last month in each others company... no offense intended and I know we will all feel the same, I am proud to be a part of the Bounty team. But... Dear Don McBligh can we stay just a little bit longer? Alas no... We set sail again at sun rise tomorrow for the last leg, 1400 miles to Timor.

I have thought a lot why I seem to find the expedition so far harder than the rest of the crew and come to the conclusion, that as David Quilter and Don are seasoned adventurous they are simply used to discomfort, they know when it is unpleasant, this too shall pass, and the gems are around the corner, I couldn't see them, only my return flight home. Chris is at a lovely age, when life is an adventure and approaches everything by throwing himself in with that lovely playful curiosity and I admire him for that... oh to be 18.. Ive been around enough to develop an unhealthy "why am I putting up with this sh**" when the going gets tough, when its really miserable, I cheer myself up by reminding myself this trip has cost me enough for a world cruise and instead I am hungry, wet, tired and aching from head to toe... However, I will share that I am so.... so.... grateful for the experience... I suspect I will only grasp the real value once I am at home reflecting upon the whole event.. Unlike the rest of the crew, I have children who I have left at home, and I miss them terribly, not even talking with them is horrible...

We all have different ways to manage discomfort and stress, by planning my departure I gave myself a slip road, escape route and rather than counting 26 days to go I was able to count down to restoration Island (7/8 days) knowing I then had the option to depart, as crazy as it may sound this made it much more manageable for me, I really struggled, with both the diet, and surprisingly, the boredom, with no books or music to fill time, sitting for what felt like years in the crippling heat was slowly driving me insane... With so much time and nothing to fill it with I found myself worrying about matters completely unnecessarily, my home, family, business, , anything I could find to worry about I did, then all I wanted to do was leave... I am pleased I couldn't and I am learning so much about myself, though its not all pleasant, I would much rather report that I have discovered I am invincible, a strong man who can conquer the world... maybe not, but you know what I mean.. I am not going home and will be leaving with Talisker Bounty Boat tomorrow morning, when in doubt, I need to dig deep, have faith in my team and business partners at home and meditate... easy said looking across the beach from this arm chair!
Upon arrival at Restoration, I immediately went and found the material to make a small camp/bed for myself, which I must say for a Hong Kong pen-pusher this is not small achievement, I was then advised to move it further back from the beach as crocodiles are less likely to go across the grass... CROCODILES..... OMG..... I hadn't considered being eaten by crocs.. How on earth can I sleep.. But believe me, after our yummy chicken stew, the first meal since Tonga, I lay down under my make shift home and slept like a baby for 7 hours... It was wonderful, I didn't even see the stars, I passed out to quick and awoke too late, with a BIG fat smile on my face, not least because I hadn't been eaten by crocodiles..
I estimate I have lost at least 8kg and other than my pants keep falling down, I confess to being very happy about that, (the weight not the pants) the challenge will be to keep it off when I return. I know I shall take much greater care of myself and seek more balance in my life. This afternoon, someone asked if this expedition will make a real difference to my future, my reply was surprisingly prompt and I think sums up precisely how I feel. " I do not know what my future holds, I only know it will be very different from what I had previously imagined, I am looking from a different perspective and that really pleases me"
David W (not David Q)

MESSAGE TO MY DAUGHTERS - Hi Lucinda and Isabelle - You wont recognize me when I am home, much more handsome, slim, tanned with a really cool beard... I am missing you both very much... Love Dad x


Anonymous said...

What a great blog Dave W and how pleasing to know your thoughts. Of all the crew; you may well be the one to gain the most from the experience, so more power to you for working through your demons. Have a safe onward journey [adventure!] Digit

Anonymous said...

A big well done to you David W! Hoped you would continue on.

You mostly only got to worry about Crocs when you have been doing the same thing alone after a couple of days as they like to stake out their prey.

Well done Dave, you can do it!

David said...

I wish one of you would call yourself 'Dave' and the other 'David', this 'Dave/Dave' and 'David/David' is a bit difficult sometimes. All the best for the rest of your trip.

PS. Please pick a bigger font.

Bob from Seattle said...

Well said David W. You are making the right choice. If you didn't continue you would wonder for years to come what you missed. Now you have 1400 miles of an experience which cannot be reproduced anywhere else on earth. Memories for a lifetime. Memories to share with your daughters.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes you were at 'the jumping off place' David
when we jump the ripples are often the start of waves we dont have the skill to ride so staying on and riding this out will be your greatest gift - keep meditating, its good for the spirit and sore bums and boredom
you know who wrote this x

Anonymous said...

Is that Santa?

Anonymous said...

Hey Santa Clause! Where's my bike???

David G said...

Your biz is doing great Mr W. Momentai-la. Just learn to use a sextant wouldya!

David G. HK

Anonymous said...

Awesome Dave W! So glad you have decided to stick it out. The crocs are pretty fussy eaters up there in North Queensland and doubt they would've wanted to eat a Pom so you were probably pretty safe!! Still, I spose, stranger things have happened...........
Good luck all - Stay safe. MJ

viviane said...

hundred cheers for DW, and his brain....glad to hear that you are staying with the Bounty crew. Sure life will never be the same again for you, but it would be far worst if you had gone, you would have had regrets, so look forward to more adventure, and we look forward to have you thoughts and your blogs. From my armchair and arms that hardly move, I salute all of you.Viv

Anonymous said...

David W.

I'm proud of you.

Also all the crew are amazing in their determination to go through with this journey.

A relative in the UK.

MJ from Brisbane said...

Hey Peg Leg Pete (re naked photo of Capt McBligh a couple of days ago) - all for capturing it and getting it stuffed but who is gonna want it on their Mantlepiece??

Guess we could auction it off to raise money for MND but the Greenies and Seaworld would probably think it was wrong given it's such an endangered species. I say, let it be for now. And here's hoping the Jap's don't get it!! MJ

Anonymous said...

Keep your spirits up! Thinking about you from the USA.

Anonymous said...

You had a great story on
explorersweb dot com this morning.
Bet you'll find many more followers of your crazy expedition.
Hang on tight guys.

MJ from Brisbane said...

Hey David - if you look a little closer you will see that the two Daves always identify themselves as Dave W or Dave Q so please don't be petty about this, it's not life threatening to work it out - MND is.

As for the font - it was a one off and yes was a little tough to read but all the same, it was an amazing blog to read so sure we can cope with that once. Once again, not life threatening:-) MJ

Queenslander said...

Dave W.,

A journey within a journey...

Good to know the crocs & your personal demons are allowing you to continue this amazing adventure.


P.S. I always thought there were no sharks in that part of the world because the crocs had eaten them all... maybe it's the other way round???

worldwidewendy said...

I held my breath over the past couple of days, hoping you would find the little extra something you needed to stick with the plan.And you did.I, too, am so proud of you.
But,my golly,you were sounding like THE WORST kind of whinging pom there for a while.
Now, enjoy yourself, and don't sink the boat.

Reine said...


I am cheering for you. Your blogs are always so interesting and real! It is nice hearing about the struggles and the psychology of it all.


magpie said...

Bounty boat seems to get smaller and smaller with every photo. A bit of a worry as you come into croc country, lol.
☺ Hoo Roo ☺