Friday, June 11, 2010

"Crazy..... Gets Crazier!"

The past week has seen us rocket across the Arafura Sea toward Kupang, where all our minds are focused. (well except when designing the new micro cabin interior, landscaping or planning the bike ride around the world)

The weirdest thing happened this week too. The Captain in his infinite wisdom concluded that after forty days of starvation rations which has seen us all loose significant weight and result in the appearance of key-tones in half the crew's urine, we were in fact "overeating". Consequently lunch was canceled for the rest of the voyage.

Wilco and I had independently concluded that Kupang, at 600 miles off, was close enough for us to stop eating the "bully beef". It had been a necessary evil as the major part of "bounty boat" diet for forty days. Now I think we are better starving than eating any more of this processed tinned animal anus. Consequently without the handful of nuts and sultanas for lunch and no more bully beef we are eating it out on four survival biscuits.

The most amusing aspect of this was to see the captain and the cabin boy sit down and devour double meat rations at dinner. Having canceled lunch on the basis of over eating they proceeded to consume nine time the daily meat ration of Bligh's men. Clearly "overeating" was not the driving force here and I suspect the call from 60 minutes asking for footage of on board arguments was the cause. What better way to create conflict and unrest than dramatically reducing rations? 36 hours after the cancellation of lunch all was delivered last night when Chris stepped up to the mark and tore strips off Wilco in a splendid performance, agrevated by our laughter and recorded for all on camera by Don. Check out 60 Minutes for the national television release of this truly magnificent outburst.

More drama followed last night with our knockdown and subsequent swamping so I was confident this morning that lunch may have been restored today but alas it was not to be.

Every watch now is an opportunity to sail hard and fast for Kupang, to win my LUNCH! to win my FREEDOM!

Adios amigos, its been fun.

Dave Pryce / Quilter

PS Nuts and Bolts
Still zipping along at about six knots before a 20 knot SE trade wind with all sail set. Light cumulus clouds and a strong sun warm us up.


Anonymous said...

Wooohoooo Abby's ok!

A bike ride around the world sounds great Dave. I'll be in that!

What are we taking? Harley's or Jap Bikes?

dave hanna said...

dave said, you guys are a real team now, sounds like you came close the other night, but training came through. Not far to go now u can hold out, see u in rags

dave and juls raglan nz

Anonymous said...

Yep, Glad to see Abby is OK - should be rescued tomorrow sometime!!

Can't wait to see 60 minutes and the spack with you guys over corned beef - that is serious shit!!

And stop overeating Don and Chris - you two should not be scoffing the lot just cos the others don't like it!! My opinion anyway!! Take care, MJ

Ehvee said...

I don't understand Don, and because of that I find him hard to trust. What was accomplished that contributed to the historic relevance or accuracy by cutting off lunch? Nothing. All it accomplishes is a power play and the stoking of tension, as mentioned in this blog. Was that actually done to get television footage? If that is the case, then Don is way out of line. I have to credit his boat and having been apparently well prepared for the technical part of this voyage, but I'm confused by his motives for things he does like this. They don't look honorable.

dave hanna said...

hey bill, peadle power only, the real mccoy, no harleys for oz dave

dave rags

Anonymous said...

I hope you make it in on the
14th...late, thus no girls,no hot food so just enjoy the landing and a few more biscuits.

Sail safe,


JiffyLube said...

I would like to know who's idea it was to provision so much of the tinned beef? There are other tinned meats that could have been had, like chicken and tuna packed in water. Dried fruit would have been good also. Sounds like a bachelor unacquainted with good diet for in charge of provisioning.

Anonymous said...

What Dave, around the world on push bikes??? Well ok, but I'm not dinking anyone and we should be able to eat heaps of pizza's and takeaways I reckon. lol