Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Oh yes..... We are on the move... this is champagne sailing at its best.... Ever since we left Australia, we have had 20+ knots of wind, SE and pushing us a a fast rate direct for Kupang.... It doesn't get better than this!! we are currently gaining about 120 miles per day! The swells of 3+ meters gives us the chance to surf 12+ knots, the vibration through the boat is thrilling...

The only hope is the wind holds up, and if so we could make Kupang by the 16th.. Oh yes baby... The routine seems to have re-established itself very easily on board, and with the speed of sailing concentration is required, oh yes, and its wet again!!

Sailing in the Great Barrier Reef simply blew me away, I could never have imagined how beautiful it truly is, to witness such a thriving and diverse marine life is credit to the Australian authorities, a fine balance between fishing needs and the environment seems to have been achieved and I will definitely be coming back to learn more. I found it strangely thrilling being so close to crocodiles and sharks, we create such a fear in our own minds at such animals, with no real knowledge or understanding, its such a shame, for we shy away from nature in its purest form. I was humbled by our time within the reef and being able to witness the food chain first hand.

I understand from talking with Don he has put a request for certain foods upon arrival, I am uncertain as to whether he did or did not request a burger and chips for me? To avoid any confusion, or offense to anyone being kind enough to assist, please DO NOT provide me with burger and chips, reality is, other than a few meals at Fresh Beach hut in Tonga, and the fresh fish we caught, I have only eaten junk or processed food since leaving Hong Kong almost three months ago, and I have no desire to eat any more of such when we arrive in Timor, or for a long time!! I long for fruit and fresh vegetable's, I intend to check in the hotel and immediately find a local restaurant that can serve fresh healthy local produce. So I thank anyone in advance if you can suggest any establishment near the Crystal Hotel.

That's all there is to report this week, with arrival imminent, moods are high here on Bounty Boat, and I for one are really looking forward to my nice cuppa tea in about a weeks time

David W

PERSONAL MESSAGE - Hi Lucinda and Isabelle, I cant believe it, only 700 miles to go, we have covered over 3000 miles so far and I will be home very soon. I will call you both as soon as we arrive, I love you Dad xx


worldwidewendy said...

Why is it that you always sound sane when you post, and insane when others post about you?
Eating a big meal of oily food after such a lean diet will certainly have a 'powerful' effect on your system.
You are right to be cautious.
As for your salty- perhaps VERY salty- team hopes the first thing on his agenda is a change of clothes.
Even Bligh had standards. lol.

Anthony Phillips said...

The world has moved on while you have been gone Mr Rip Van Winkle. McDonalds do very nice veggie burgers and salad these days! (Suggest you avoid shrimps, though. Price has gone up by 40% though due to the actions of our National Oil company!)

Bob from Seattle said...

@wwwendy ... It's because David W is a descendant of Dr Jekyll, or was it Mr Hyde? :-)

Had fun checking out Kupang on Google earth. Primitive harbor, no docks, but beautifully multi-colored thin long boats I'm sure you'll enjoy seeing.

Population 300,000 so surely someone will be there with the take-out hot and steamy. Hope no nasty foreign (to you) bugs hiding out in the lettuce to give you an unwanted memory of your stay.

Have fun guys, what a trip. Glad you didn't capsize.

Reine said...

Nice to hear from you again Dave! Maybe it is not Dave who is Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde--maybe Don just likes to stir up drama to make his documentary more interesting...

Anonymous said...

Good on you Dave W!!!

With amazing stories and accomplishments to share with your friends and family.

Anonymous said...

What does Salamet mean please?

Patron of Sheffield Institute Foundation said...

The nearest I can get is the meaning of "SALAMAT"
Which is the word for thank you in many Filipino languages, including Tagalog, Cebuano, and Ilongo. It most probably comes from the triliteral Semitic root S-L-M, due to Arabs who roamed the seas in that area.

I did not know that Dave W was Bi-lingual!
I new he was nearly Bi, Bi in Restoration Island. LOL
Cheers Stuart

Worldwidewendy said...

'Salamat datang' means "welcome" in Bahasa Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

In Indonesia we says " SELAMAT". the word can use for greeting or expression, for example " Selamat Pagi = Good Morning", "Selamat Ulang Tahun = Happy birthday". And "SELAMAT" also mean Safe, unhurt.

Olin (Indonesia)

Patron of Sheffield Institute Foundation said...

Thanks for that information Olin.
Cheers Stuart