Thursday, June 10, 2010

Knockdowns,wind,waves and no lunch..............!

It's been a few exciting days and the wind is finally softening a bit. Yesterday we had great sailing,sea snakes and a huge sunfish. Last night it was dolphins and large confused seas with 30kts of wind..if you are following the tracker you will see we have been flying surfing every few minutes and nearly hitting a 150 mile day...but it has been demanding on all of us as conditions were in the danger zone for a roll over and we had another knockdown and a few layovers with water coming into the boat over the rails...Chris and I slept in our safety harnesses as it was a night that anything could happen...

We knew it was building all night, with water all over the was a case of hang on for the ride and do not go over the side..did I ever tell you how hard it is to Pee of Talisker Bounty is very hard...In the morning it was like being back in the Southern Ocean..steely gray with 4mtr seas breaking all over the the afternoon progressed we had what we call 20 minute specials...6mtr walls of water at regular intervals, 3 or 4 one after the other that would send us off in a rush...fortunately only a couple broke to give us any concern but we swallowed hard often..we have great faith in Talisker Bounty Boat..and the conditions, while short and steep( because of the shallow water) are not good, they would normally be just challenging so..but then when I remind myself that we are not self righting, and would float upside down, I focus clearly on the importance of proper we all do...everyone does a great job!.

Dave W was on the helm when we were knocked flat again..Chris ended up on top of me under the dodger and gear went every where..that was repeated a few times to a lesser extent during the day...Now..1800hr we are all thinking it will be an easier night with winds back to 15-20kts , Big swells but they do not appear to be breaking as often...

Of course we played up the fun side of all this speed!! While surfing we calculated that we could be in Kupang around the 14th as we have covered half the distance in just four days..CAN WE CATCH BLIGH???..he was ashore on the morning of the 15th??..I think now we will be there on the 16th?

I am trying for a noon sight every day now to make sure we hit Timor..yesterday was not good and put us about 20 miles north of the DR position and today I just gave up..bad horizon and too much sea..hopefully tomorrow will be better!!

Roger " Clouds" Badam has been our weather man on standby for late Cyclones or bad storms..we have not asked for daily forecasts as Bligh had none, but this afternoon we needed to calculate our ETA for all the media/friends heading to Kupang so we asked for the first time...Thanks for being there during this trip Roger..I am so glad we did not need you to track any Cyclones!!!..based on Rogers forecast I think it will be the afternoon on the 16th?? we shall see.

Dave W was just serving up dinner..Baked beans...he slid off the life raft and crashed into the electrical Box..something went crack...I asked he not do that again?? minute later he slid off again with another wave..he was apologetic..I worried about the electrical....three minutes latter he did it a third time..this time loosing someones dinner in the bilge as another wave came into the cockpit...and then nearly a fourth time!! ..I am yet to check the electrical??

So ..LUNCH..when I mentioned canceling it for fun two days ago there was lots of laughs and comments like push me overboard..lost me marbles etc..when I told the crew yesterday it was for real there was silence...I know we are getting too much food as we are all being picky..Dave P is the only one who eats everything so he will miss lunch..but he had decided not to eat the tinned beef anymore as he can see Kupang in the distance...At last nights dinner the beef was opened and then Dave W said he will not eat it anymore either?? so Chris and I had to eat half a can each..which upset the equation a bit.and Dave W thought I was being a hypocrite for eating it and it should be thrown away if we want to starve as the Dave's are not eating beef..Chris and I will only get a can ever other day...all rather strange ...Now the Dave's are just eating 4 biscuits a protest I think...and Dave P gets three dates for lunch as do Chris and I..but Dave W will not eat them all got a little heated the discussion and it is yet to play out as food can be a touchy subject...but an interesting exercise by the time we get into Kupang..maybe the Hamburger will be eaten after all...

So now things are drying out a bit...yes the dodger leaked and we all got wet... we are hoping for a fast but quiet night....fingers crossed...Don..can we catch Bligh??..


magpie said...

Ha hahhhhh, Sounds like you're peeeping at each other's blogs.
The hamburger event looks like a certainty and the vegetarian and fruit a fantasy.
Onward to catch Bligh! Hoo Roo ☺☺☺

William Watson said...

Dated 9 of June 2010

Prime Minister of Australia.

Dear Kevin Rudd,

My name is William Watson and I have written to you before regarding Jessica Watson who is no relation of mine. My Daughter (Taneesha) has also sent you a letter regarding Jessica and with how the World Speed Sailing Racing Council (WSSRC) had all of a sudden announced that Jessica would not qualify to make a world record whilst she was still out at sea fighting off storms on her final leg.

Taneesha was and is still overwhelmed with the response letter that she has received from you. She felt good for Jessica with what you had said. Thank you!

I write you now to ask for your assistance in helping to find a cure for as the experts that work in the medical profession call one of the worst and cruelest diseases in the world.

Motor Neurone Disease (MND)

The University of Sheffield is one of the UK’s leading universities. Professor Pam Shaw who is the Chair of Neurology and Head of Neuroscience has dedicated her career to the care of patients and to research a cure.

Pam Shaw can not be praised enough for her work and dedication she has already done and is described by many as a mother Teresa. Pam has been described as “Your favorite Aunty, Princess Diana and Mother Teresa, all rolled into one?” Pam has formed a group of over 80 professionals scientists from all over the world.

This assembled team of dedicated professionals are now trying hard to find the funding to finish build the first ever international center of excellence dedicated to finding cures and treatments for Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s, MND and atrophy (a childhood form of MND).

This building will be called (SITraN) Sheffield Institute of Translational Neuroscience.

Kevin, there is also a few great men re-enacting the Voyage of the Bounty who are out at sea in an open classed vessel doing it hard and risking their lives to try to raise the funds to finish this much needed building. Also Stuart Keane (Patron to the Sheffield Institute Foundation) who is working hard from the shore and who has also lost a son to this horrible disease.

There are many others in support of this Voyage for it’s cause and the voyage is led by
Don McIntyre who is an Australian adventurer and who also made Jessica Watson s voyage possible for loaning her Ella’s Pink Lady. (Her boat)

It just shows the example of our country where you don’t need to be from a country to help out another. This is a building to be built in the UK but it is for the sake of all humanity.

I have suggested on the Talisker Bounty Crews web site that it would be awesome if our Australian government would match fund the donations being made from around the world so that these workers and those suffering do not need to wait any longer.

I believe that your assistance and example would reflect to other governments and politicians from all over the world and you may also inspire others to donate more.

Can you please help Kevin Rudd and give me a reply a.s.a.p. as the Voyage is almost over and I will post this on their site so others may also be waiting your reply.

Please go to their web site

Thank you for listening Kevin Rudd!

William Watson

Anonymous said...

Another incredible blog. Thanks Don. The end is almost in sight. Well done and please stay safe.

Patron of Sheffield Institute Foundation said...

Dear William,

Thank you for your valuable endeavors to raise funds and awareness To these horrible diseases.
Your actions by contacting the Australin Prime Minister The Honorable Kevin Rudd may inspire many people throughout the world to make contact with their respective Heads of State!

So lets all make one big effort in the closing stages of Don and his Brave Crew's magnificent feat of endurance to raise more awareness and bring in the much needed funds to help find a cure!
Thank you very much for your Help,

Stuart Keane
I am very proud to be a Patron of SIF and moderator of the TALISKER BOUNTY BOAT website.


Magpie said...

Magpie said,

Ha hahhhhh, Sounds like you're peeeping at each other's blogs.
The hamburger event looks like a certainty and the vegetarian and fruit a fantasy.
Onward to catch Bligh! Hoo Roo ☺☺☺

Sarah said...

Great job covering the miles! Glad to hear you're all still together in one piece in those winds and seas. I'm afraid I just don't get the food thing though ...
Stay safe!
Sarah (Canada)

Anonymous said...

I don't get the food thing either.

You are so close to a great feat of seamanship and then there is this fixation on historical accuracy and starving the crew, even when there is food on board and true historical accuracy was abandoned long ago. Or am I missing something? Is it just a bit too masochistic?

Good on Dave W - from a shaky start to the the voice of reason

Ernie said...

I note in the pic of Don taking a sight, that the radar reflector is incorrectly hung - it should be in the so called 'rain catcher' position for optimum performance. Which Talisker may need as it approaches Timor

Anonymous said...

In the midst of your big waves and knockdowns, it is being reported that Abby Sunderland, the 16 yo solo sailor from the US has lost communications in the Southern Ocean, in 25 ft. swells and 50+ knots of wind. They picked up an EPIRB signal that was manually set off. A sober reminder of the chance one takes when seeking an adventure on the ocean. I have followed your adventure since Jessica Watson first mentioned you in her blog, and I pray for nyour safe arrival in the coming days. -Karyn, IN, USA

Anonymous said...

Continued encouragement and support to you all on board Bounty boat.
Wishing you safe travel and safe return home.
Regards .....Soldier's Mum