Saturday, June 19, 2010

"From Our Special Correspondent in Timor"

We have just received this blog after poor satellite links "From Our Special Correspondent in Timor"

OK so the story is that Don and the crew have been inundated doing media interviews since landing - the story has gone global being covered in many Australian and UK national papers. Crew have relaxed and enjoyed some amazing Indonesian food and experiencing Kupang. We had a great night out the night after they landed with the crew hitting the karaoke bars and showing their singing skills off especially Dave P( Quilter) even though they were still wobbly on their feet.

Graeme , an Australian originally but who now lives in West Timor with his wonderful family has organized everything for us and hosted us in his gorgeous house. Not to mention drinking his home brewed wine which was excellent and he has taken us to some authentic Indonesian restaurants.

The crew are staying on for a few days to organize the Talisker Bounty Boats return to Australia. The the majority of the media interviews are now complete.

Meeting the crew and bonding over this very special experience and at this special time has been unforgettable and something I will treasure forever.

Hope this helps. Sure Don will blog when he can, but we just have rubbish internet connections!.

Kind regards,

Rachael Shaw
PR Manager

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magpie said...

Oh it's such a new perspective when you look through those Talisker whiskey goggles.
Well done fellers! As the song goes...'We'll be singing when where winning...I get knocked down, but I get up again...' [Tub thumping - Chumbawumba]