Friday, June 4, 2010

Parallel Universe...!

Bligh's plight with eighteen men crammed in his tiny boat near starvation still seems along way from ours but I am amazed at the parallels. Last night as we ghosted through the reefs a sea snake swam by and sure enough Bligh had seen one in this area during his voyage 221 years prior.

Last night we also passed Sunday Island unable to stop in the dark. It was here that Bligh's authority was challenged by one of his men and to settle the matter Bligh in turn challenged him to a duel on the beach. The stop at Restoration Island at the end of the epic crossing had lifted the lid on interpersonal frictions and this came to a head as they crammed themselves back into their tiny boat and resumed the voyage.

We were all keen to be on our way again from Restoration Island despite the amazing hospitality and company there. The final stage of our voyage beckoned but like Bligh's men, returning to the tiny bounty boat raised interpersonal issues. Wilco's on again, off again struggle had left a dent in the team I feel and yesterday felt horrible as we all grated against each other like gears that just wouldn't quite mesh. While we missed Sunday Island last night we found our own cay today that Bligh would have loved. 221 years on a duel on the beach wasn't the path to conflict resolution and instead we resorted to frank discussion. I take my hat off to the humility of my crew mates in the way the matter was addressed. An evening of eating crayfish on the sand cay under a stary sky around a driftwood fire, there seems no doubt we couldn't be better placed as a crew to really revel in the final stage. Not to say it wont be a struggle and there wont be moments of frustration but it looks like we have the ability to deal with what may arise.

The race to catch Bligh resumes again. A few moments after sending this blog around midnight we will push off from the beach and head off into the night on a course we sighted today during daylight across what seems like clear water for at least enough distance to keep us safe in the dark hours.

A warm breeze beckons so I will see you next week.

Dave Pryce / Quilter


anni doyle said...

hi Dave and crew.
Just listened on ABC Canberra.
I'm in awe of the food deprivation component of your extraordinary journey, and of all your journeying trials. Best of luck.
Thanks for the fascinating blog.
keeping up with your heroic efforts.

Tim Stackpool said...

Congratulations on the Restoration Island milestone, and an amazing couple of days. This is turning into an epic voyage not only of seamanship, but also of personal relationships and human nature. Gripping stuff, truly gripping stuff.

Bob from Seattle said...

Quilter ... You left us hanging as to how the duel played out. Obviously Bligh continued as Captain. I'll see what I can find but Wikipedia seems to only give an overview of the trip, not details.

Does anyone have a link for the log of Bligh's open boat voyage?

Ailsa said...

Hi Crew,
Goodness me, what a journey. Many thanks for the blogs and congratulations on your achievements so far. Thank you for inspiring us all to get out and have a go at whatever our individual interests are.

My passion is Australian history and in particular the hardships endured by our early pioneers. Those who survived the long boat journey out from the UK/Ireland then coped with droughts, floods, heat, snow, flies, dust, rabbit plagues, childbirth, child raising and illnesses and so often all in isolation. How lucky we are today with our soft life with every just at hand. Thank you for showing us that sometimes we can step back and try to understand how it was in years gone by.

I look forward to hearing more as your journey continues.

Cheers for now.

Anonymous said...

Well done! Fantastic teamwork, achievement and inspiration! Safe sailing ...

Link to e-book "A voyage to the south sea" by William Bligh (including an account of the mutiny on board Bounty)

charlotte said...

Enjoyed the pictures, thanks! I left a comment earlier that noted a few things I was confused about, torches, watches, GPS, twice daily calls to Margie. From reading the blogs I see the torches are used only in "emergencies". Can understand that but didn't know blogging was considered an emergency. Was also told that the watches were period ones, such as Bligh used. the pictures, the watches on your wrists certainly look pretty dang modern to me. I do understand the GPS for emergency use, and agree that it is needed for safety, if it is used for that and only that purpose. In one blog Don talks about taking sightings at noon, which he admits not doing often as it is easy sailing, but later in that same blogs mentions daily sightings. Again, so much inconsistency in things. I wonder if the calls to Margie are for safety reasons only...if they are, there must be many, many problems that would necessitate calling her 2 times a day.
I am glad the seas have been kind to you and all seem to be fairing well. I have had many concerns about the integrity of the planners for this voyage, but am glad it is going well, thus far.

Anonymous said...

This site very quiet today - hope all is well!!?? Bout to watch the French 2010 Womans Tennis Open - The Aussies have Sam Stosur (Gold Coast Girl) in there - first possible Grand Slam Winner for 30 years...................for Aussie!!

She is probably as tough mentally and physically as the TBB boys to get to this stage in her sport so, here is hoping!! Go Sam and Go TBB boys!!

Hope all is OK and that Stu and family have just been out sailing for the day in his wild looking yacht thingy (smile) and that's why we haven't had an update!!! Go Sam Stosur!! MJ from Brisbane

Trishkie said...

Fascinated by your journey... is there anyway your map showing "Last position" could also show your past route on daily basis, so we can see where you've been since you started? Do you have ppl at home base who can tweak this data for us? Disappointing atm that it only shows start & current point - nothing in between... any reason for this? thanks for all the personal commentary in your blogs - v frank, & valuable insights to what it's like trying to copy with non-21st century conditions. Occasional compromises for safety reasons OK !!

Anonymous said...

Hey @ David, sorry to hear you suffer from Gout cos I have witnessed that with friends and know it really is a painful and horrible thing. Hence, I guess why Don got so distressed with it in the middle of the Ocean. David, the Webmaster Stuart is someone who has himself lost someone in his family through MND and he is (as far as I know) doing this job for the love of it. And as a sideline to his real job. So sure, there are going to be a few spelling mistakes that sneak through (there were quite a few in your last post actually) he is just the messenger on all our behalves so we should all be giving him a big pat on the back for his volunteered time.

Everyone's support is so valued, cos these guys are doing it for a cause so we have no need for anything negative here at all. Please let's just try and soport them (alright I did that on purpose) I mean't support!!! Have a great weekend everyone!! If anyone wants to feel down - consider me - I got new neighbours two days ago and they have attracted crowds of thousands and still haven't stopped partying and the music is crap...........Woe is me................MJ