Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Arrival Restoration Island........

Too much wind would have been a good problem to have a few days ago..but not the night before we are due to go through Bligh Boat picked up to 30kts plus with up to 3.5 mtr breaking seas and we had to try slowing down or risk overshooting the pass...when I came on watch at 2200hrs we only had 20 miles to go yet could not get there till 0700 the next day...I dropped all sail except for the jib then continued to ride the seas precariously beam on to the North to North East..away from the pass.. till I saw a big set coming in the moon light and headed off Down wind to the west ish? was a long watch as I needed to steer all the way...Chris was there ready to assist but it was potentially I gave it to him for 30 minutes at 0130 in the morning and he did a great Job..he continues to amaze me every time..he love all the challenges and is going to be a changed person when all this is over...after four hours we had held position bit and were now only 17miles to the pass...Quilter and Wilco took over and the conditions settled a bit so in the end we made a rendezvous with Supr at 0730 about 5 miles outside the pass..took some great footage then headed into the flat blue lagoon of the Barrier Reef at was amazing to think of Bligh going through this little passage..a touching moment for all...did I tell you flat water is great!!

A few hour later another coast watch plane came by then we met up with the 60 minutes film crew boat as the customs chopper buzzed us. we slowly sailed up to the most amazing Beach at Restoration Island..Bring on the Stew!!

We dug a ditch in the sand below the low waterline , started the fire , chopped up the Chicken, covered with water, boiled,added potatoes, peas and latter the cabbages...we had two gallons of it and it was gone in two hours..Dave apologized profusely and tucked was superb!!..we then sat around all night with Dave from the island and some of the trawler crews, Bob and Margaret and had a very social occasion...Chris was the only one that slept on the boat..I slept on the beach with NO!! sand flies or mosquitoes!!! it was heaven..

All our cameras, computers, phones and in fact the batteries off the Talisker Bounty Boat we transferred to the 60 minutes support boat for charging over night so I could not write this blog!!,, the sun is shining, blue sky..good breezes and plenty of anticipation about setting out from here...with Dave I am happy to first light tomorrow..still a long way to go so ???

At the moment life is good...big party planned for tonight but we are all still on Bounty Boat we watch them all getting into everything...I want to get going already...Don


Patron of Sheffield Institute Foundation said...

Dear Talisker Bounty Boat Crew,
We are all so proud of you!
Stuart Keane
on behalf of Sheffield Institute Foundation and all MND sufferers

Anonymous said...

Well done guys!! Huge milestone on your journey. Chicken Stew must have been awesome but I do wish Dave (from Restoration) would put off his party till you are well out to sea and can't smell the aroma's..............That's tough on you guys:-)Go Dave W!!! MJ

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on reaching Restoration Island!

You must feel all you've been through is now worth it.

A great achievement to have come so far.

Best wishes for the rest of the journey and really pleased that Dave W will be with you. I knew he could do it.

Hal (UK)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! A job well done so far. Keep an eye out for those salt water crocs along the coast. Fair winds, Ged

Sarah said...

Congratulations! I kept watching on your website's position tracker and it was exciting for me to see that red dot move closer & closer as I zoomed-in more & more.
Must have been incredibly exciting and rewarding for you guys - just a taste of how you'll feel when you land in Kupang!!
Best wishes for the next leg of your journey,

Sarah (Canada)

Mike Perham said...

Great Seamanship, determination and sense of humour have got you this far...very well done...look forward to the adventure continuing...stay safe and have fun.

Nigel said...

Fantastic news!

Good decision Wilco, you would have regretted stepping off the boat for ever. Anyway, you're best out of the office when the markets tank - that way no-one blames you...

But now you're famous will we have to pay to listen to all your b#ll*sh*t?

This mate is proud to know you

Good luck to the crew on the last leg


Nigel said...

Did anyone tell Diageo PR that that Wilco was disco dancing champion of Worthing in 1976?

sheryl said...

I am so excited and proud of all of you! I wish I could be there to celebrate with you in Kupang. Still tempted to fly out...

And also I am very happy for Dave W! (and his disco dancing!)

Miss you all!

Sheryl from California

Anonymous said...

Don; Dave P; Chris and Dave W; congratulations on a brilliant effort and fair sailing now to Timor; The finish line is almost within sight; well along with a few corners; reefs; sand bars; maybe a pirate or two; heat; sand flies and the odd cyclonic depression; but hey, just around the corner really! Stay safe and enjoy the experience. Digit

Pam French said...

Dear Bounty Boat crazies
Well done so far! The rest will be a piece of cake (I hope)! Glad you enjoyed the chicken stew and your day of rest. Don - your Mum is enjoying reading about your exploits!
Cousin Pam (Adelaide)

Queenslander said...

Superb effort!