Monday, June 7, 2010

"Food Orders for KUPANG"

Hello..anyone in Kupang following this blog?? is our wish list for when we hit the beach in Kupang...Dave W would like hot water for his tea bag, a hamburger with the lot..fries...Dave Pryce would like Nasi Goreng,Veg. spring rolls and a banana milk shake...Chris would like a diet coke, Peperoni Pizza, Fries and loads of Ketchup..( a few good looking girls would please him too??)..and I would like a club sandwich with fries,loads of Ketchup and a bitter lemon and a Mango juice with a sliced mango on the side??..will update you regularly of ETA so it can be waiting on time...thanks!!

We are rollicking along at 6kts at the moment in a rather confused sea..been like this all night so managed a 120mile day which is only just keeping us up with Bligh as he took off in this part of the world too so he is still a couple of days ahead ..we have water coming into the boat every now and then but nothing like Bligh so all is good..the drama for today is all about our cameras..the main Video camera has a glitch in it and now will not turn on..Bummer..we ave plenty of others but even our 2nd camera a High Definition lipstic recorder which was about $4000 has a defect straight out of the box!!..We only discovered it playing back footage at restoration Island so we are disappointed with that...only five cameras left operating on board but that will be OK..

My legs are a bit of a mess now with festering Restoration Island sand fly bights..always something..but everything else is better should be in peak health and fitness by the time we make seems really close now and we run the risk of getting very frustrated if we run out of wind..this will be a roller coaster of emotions and feelings close but so far..

Dave P. is very relaxed with the attitude of we get there when we do but it will be fun on the day..Chris has calculated that if we average 6kts all the way we will be there in a few days..Dave W is still not settled and even though he got 14 hours sleep yesterday at Horne Island and an afternoon sleep he still says he is shattered as he can't sleep because Chris and I talk too much on watch...he is still here though and that is a good thing..he will be there at the end which will be big news for him but last night was funny..Dave P asked him to check that the buckets were tied on..conditions were getting rough..and Dave asked which buckets??.. so maybe he is getting tired or confused?? we only have two and they are both always in the cockpit..

As for my feelings ..I just find it hard to believe that it is nearly all over...anything can yet happen but I am starting to see some familiar elements creep into this trip from other expeditions we have done...plan for the worst and hope for the usually works and has been so far,...just that about now I start to worry that we will have to pay the piper soon and time is running yes I will be happy to get to Kupang...can our luck hold ???

Maybe the worst thing that could happen is no one on the beach to meet us when we get in...the final approach is going to be very tricky with many hazards and wind challenges..Bligh had to pick up a local pilot to help him get in around the corner...wonder what we will get...for now it is the last 1000 miles..??

Our replacement regulator on the solar Panels just died so no power getting into the batteries at the moment but we can hot wire it to bypass that so we can keep things working..there were qite a few ships last night.

Dave W is cracking up again...quite seriously!!.. as I write this.amazing...sometimes he just does not get it!!..he now wants to cancel his hamburger order as he is worried someone will spend two weeks wages to bring him that hamburger and he may not like would prefer to organize his own!!...all three of us just gave him curry over that!!...he got cancel the burger!!!!...but the rest of the team are up for it and Chris has asked me to remind everyone about the girls??

Dave W is looking forward to a good sleep I think??...

For the rest of us the sun is shinning and we are sitting on 6kts!!!...way to go.....Don

...PS..Chris can finally tie a bowline, clove hitch, rolling hitch, round turn and two half hitches...but he did not know what a marina was!!...turning into quite the sailor..last night helming really well in the dark just feeling the compass...WOW!!


Peg Leg Pete said...

Is this the longest distance for a take away food order EVER! 1000 miles?
Peg Leg Pete

Anonymous said...

Marina? Marina? What Marina?!!!How could you miss a Marina........Oh that is awesome - shows you how much he has learnt etc.....classic stuff.
I cannot just even begin to imagine for Chris at 18 years old '"what he has learnt from this experience" lucky, lucky boy for the opportunity and especially to be imparted with wisdom from the likes of Don and Dave P.......chance in a lifetime so hope he has enjoyed it! MJ

magpie said...

Sounds like Chris is just being blokey. I'm sure "good looking" is now very distant from his 'good looking rating' prior to the trip, lol. Toodles ☺☺☺

Bob from Seattle said...

Fall in love with an exotic Indonesian girl with almond eyes. I can thing of worse things for Chris on his arrival. To be 18 again....hmmmm --- Hey Chris, that would be a nice climax for your account of the voyage. :-)

You guys deserve the take out order. Hope someone is listening.