Monday, September 28, 2009

Bounty Boat CRASH!

I Love London Traffic!!..Up at 5am to leave Mikes place at 6am with Bounty Boat behind the car headed into London for a secret meeting…off the M1 Freeway at 6.45am with only 15 minutes to drive to the secret destination!!...but I took a wrong turn…two hours latter I arrived…I was supposed to be there at 7am, but arrived at 9am. With a 28ft trailer  behind the car in London peak hour, my “Fun” times were compounded when I was stationary on the motorway in traffic and “CRASH!”..a car ran into the back of Bounty Boat quite hard…fortunately our Stainless steel ‘Reef & Whale’ deflector for the rudder took the force of the Bumber on the front of the car, putting a rather large crease in it…but we suffered no damage….for the past few weeks I have been thinking …I hope we do not have an incident with the boat in traffic…Oh yes…the Top Secret meeting went very well….stay tuned for the details sometime in the future! It’s BIG!

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