Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mike has signed on as second in command! WELCOME ABOARD

The news is embargoed till 11am UTC, but we have a 5.30 am start tomorrow to
get BB in and set up for the press conference in the morning. I wanted to
get something up before then. Mike and I became great friends during his
stay with Margie and me in Hobart back in April, while repairing Totally
Money, the Open 50 he was sailing solo around the world at the time. You can
check that out and Mikes Blogs at www.challengemike.com Mike thought about
it while sailing home, rang me on the Iridium phone and said he really was
up for the Challenge! I said great! I am happy, as during the voyage if they
decide to eat me first, then I know he has the ability to get the boat home!
Regardless of who the other two crew are?? Maybe they will be tastier than
me? This is shaping up to be a fun trip, but I have already made Mike aware
that as Capt. I can pull rank and even put him under house arrest, so keep
an eye on the Blogs...his too..but don't believe everything he writes!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a grand adventure, and while I wish that I could be aboard, I will have to simply say you 'fair winds.'

With Mike, you have a seasoned, experienced sailor, and I hope you manage to find some other outstanding people to complete the crew.

John MacGregor