Saturday, September 12, 2009


This is a Phone photo..of our stand that Stuart built, and it is his 69th
birthday today and is a champion for SIF having raised millions for the
cause over the past few years. Crew applications have gone crazy, 20 in the
last few days from UK,Aust,USA, if I don't get the emails right
with you all...sorry...just remember if I do not get back to you email
again...applications close on 30th sept. Great interest at the show with
pleanty of disbelief!, but it is real and we will do it. Things happening
for the Book, Documentary and schools program and met up with the Musto guys
today and Alby from Para-anchors Australia..They have given us a 12ft
parachute for BB and a drogue. Some crew applicants have called in already
to see if Mike and I are crazy?? And find out how big the boat is!! The
media are still chasing us so nine days to go!! See you there..

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