Monday, September 7, 2009

New Sponsor!

Thanks to the Sheffield Star for the use of some pic’s  of the Duke.  During the Sydney Boat Show I had a chance to speak with Pete Goss and heard about the great rugged computers he had been using. By chance Ian Walker from was at the Country Fair…and we got talking about our com’s challenges in a wet little open boat. Turns out he is Mr “Ndura RUGGED” computer…so it did not take long to consider all the advantages for us…and I am happy to say that we will now have a 13” rugged laptop on Bounty Boat…OK Bligh did not have one I know…but I am very excited about being able to have a degree of confidence in our ability to get our Blogs and Photo’s off the boat during the voyage…we may even try to work out how to get some video off …bit of a challenge, but we will think about the options later….THANKS IAN!   

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