Thursday, September 17, 2009

Newlands Primary school onboard!

In the last few days we have had about 200 children climbing over Bounty
Boat. There has been quite some interest in the planned schools program and
a constant stream of supportive comments along the lines of " this is a real
adventure, but you are still crazy!" Rain on Tue.afternoon did not help but
today was great. Mike called from Hong Kong to tell me a Typhoon was on its
way and that Vocalink would like to look over the boat when he returns!
Stuart keeps reminding me every day that he is not 69...he is only 68 and
three days...but the way he has been working the last few days you would
think he was 29..we have plenty of laughs reflecting on the meaning of life
each day...he broke his neck when he was an 18 year old rugby player and
faced the prospect of never walking again, but he did. The good news is that
we have had a great response to possible fundraising ideas for the
Bounty Boat "just giving" site is off to a slow start but we are both
confident of big things for the future....stay tuned!!!

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